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Spaīn Ghar Shinwari Restaurant: Finding Home in Punjab

Right now I am rather busy trying to make the most of my winter break. This implies that I binge watch TV shows from dawn to dusk, reread books which once warmed my heart, and revisit my old favorite restaurants in Lahore. On Monday morning I finished reading A Farewell to Arms for the third time, as I willingly absorbed the melancholy which this book leaves behind, I turned to my laptop to watch a series. It did not carry me along. So, I decided against rinsing away the taste of Hemingway with a furious action flick. Instead, I got up and walked all the way from Old Anarkali to Temple Road. On the road adjacent to Mozang Police Station, there are a number of restaurants offering desi foods such as Siri Paaye, Chicken Karahi, Mutton Chaaney and so on. I was in the mood for Spaīn Ghar Shinwari Restaurant for food with a specific Peshawari stamp on it.



It is a small establishment with a dining hall on the ground floor. It is divided into two portions: the middle ground is arranged with chairs and tables. In the peripherals, they have built a desi baithak furnished with a dastarkhwaan. I climbed the baithak and sat with my back propped against a pillow. A waiter brought me the menu. I ordered a half-plate of Kabuli Pilau (Pilaf) and a plate of Chicken Boti along with Salad and Raita.

Soon enough, the waiter brought forth a mountain of rice piled on top of a mutton piece in a plate. He also brought me a few barbecued pieces of chicken, some salad, and raita. When asked to bring a rotti, he brought me an elongated naan of frightening proportions. The Kabuli Pilau at Spaīn Ghar Shinwari Restaurant is pretty great. Mostly, perhaps, because they had added an enormous mutton piece to my plate. Still, I missed the Pilau cooked in KPK, which is sprinkled with a lot of green pepper.



Every bite of that Pilau in winter will make your ears smoke and eyes tear. Kabuli Pilau, on the opposite hand, is a tamed dish for me, because its sweet flavor puts me to sleep rather than awaken me. The elongated naan helped me with the chicken pieces, crispy and delicious.

When I had wiped off my lunch the dastarkhwan looked like a battlefield. Chicken bones, bread crumbs, and rice grains were scattered all over the place. I felt apologetic towards the Spaīn Ghar Shinwari Restaurant wait staff, due to my passionate eating.

I asked for a cup of green tea to conclude the whole adventure. I sat there a good while, wondering like Hamlet: To go or not to go?

Spaīn Ghar Shinwari Restaurant is one of the inexpensive restaurants in Mozang locality. They also offer Mutton Namkeen Karahi, Saji Rice, and Kebab. They deserve your visit this winter, you will not be disappointed.

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