07 Jun, Wednesday
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slate eatery

#FillYourSlate at Slate Eatery

I am positively ecstatic to see Phase 6 expand and grow into a potential food street, with new restaurants and cafes opening up every few weeks. One such restaurant that caught my eye on social media is Slate Eatery, with it’s clean and minimalist aesthetic. A quick look at their insta-game and I was sold.

The menu is concise; four appetizers, ten mains, one dessert, and, my favorite part, eight signature sundaes. The ethos behind the eatery seems to be simple food done well, at least that’s what it comes across as. It is surprising to find a restaurant stick to such a clean menu in this day and age when eateries try to cram as much of every cuisine into their menu. There’s no attempt to mask quality with quantity here. I can respect that.

Slate Eatery held a soft launch earlier in the month where a handful of individuals were called in to try a tasting menu. Pictures circulating around popular food forums on Facebook paint a pretty picture, but I’ll hold my opinion till I actually get to try out the menu for my self. I will, however, say that the sundaes look absolutely delicious and innovative. I’m most excited about the Ice Cream Dream Team, which is a butterscotch popcorn flavored dream indeed.

Slate Eatery hasn’t formally started operations yet and we at Charcoal + Gravel were lucky enough to receive an invite to their launch this evening. Inno more than 4 hours I will hopefully get my hands on a sundae, amongst other things. After which I’ll fill you guys in on its offerings; I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that Slate Eatery lives up to the hype. Keep an eye out for a first taste review, coming very shortly.

Till then, I’ll keep daydreaming about #FillingMySlate.



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