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slamvich - Slamvich: Be Still, My Beating Heart

Slamvich: Be Still, My Beating Heart

Fact: A mother who has young children will always be in need of carbohydrates.



Carbs make you forget all about the myriad mom fails that you go through on a daily basis. Carbs are King. So, what’s my carb of choice these days? Hello, Slamvich!








Slamvich is a recent addition to the plethora of restaurants that are popping up like mushrooms in the Bukhari Commercial Area, D.H.A. Phase 6. This little joint is all about juicy, decadent, saliva-inducing sandwiches. From the classic grilled cheese, also known as a Cheesy Melt, to the Instagram-worthy S’mac ‘n’ Cheese (macaroni and cheese stuffed into a sandwich alongside BBQ chicken and mushrooms), this place has something for everyone.  Now, as a sandwich connoisseur (I am currently on a quest to locate the ultimate club sandwich in Karachi), I had high hopes for Slamvich. It is a travesty that a decent grilled cheese sandwich cannot be found in a city of over 23 million people.

We traipsed off to Slamvich one gloriously cloudy evening in Karachi. Slamwich is located on a side lane off main Khyaban Bukhari. The ambiance is industrial chic, with a side order of tongue-in-cheek. I mean, check out the statement on the wall: Why date burgers when you can have a one-night Slamvich. The door has the following phrase painted on it: I came, I saw, I melted. Big words. Would it live up to the hype?



slamvich4 - Slamvich: Be Still, My Beating Heart





So, what did we go for? I ordered a Cheesy Melt and my friend opted for the Meat n’ Melt, a personal recommendation from the husband. Slam fries rounded out the meal. I was tempted to order the dessert sandwich, a naughty concoction of Nutella, bananas and cinnamon cream in vanilla French toast, but I decided to take a rain cheque. I figured I’d save it for the day I decide I’m a failure as a mother and need to drown my sorrows in something. Our order was ready in 10 minutes. Total amount: Rs 800. Not bad at all. But the real test was yet to be passed.




slamvich3 1024x683 - Slamvich: Be Still, My Beating Heart




Now, these ‘wiches look incredible. Thick slices of sandwich bread, buttered and grilled to perfection and then stuffed to the gills with delicious cheese. There were two different kinds of cheese, the more the better I say. One bite and I was in cheese heaven. It hit the spot. My friend mumbled deliriously while she devouring her Meat n’ Melt. Described as a beef patty, topped with caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, and mustard. I took a bite and can quite frankly say that it was all about the meat, and then some.

The Slam fries were not bad at all. Crisp, perfectly seasoned and a great accompaniment to the vich. But, let’s get real. The star was the sandwich. My friend and I rolled out of the restaurant, utter satisfied and planning our next trip.









I decided to order Slamvich the next day. And then again, two days later. I haven’t stopped since. Am I addicted? Definitely. Will I continue to systematically go through the entire menu of Slamvich, stalk the owners and ask them to adopt me? Quite possibly. Is this a recommendation to go eat there? 100 percent yes. While I want to keep Slamwich all to myself, like Gollum with the One Ring of Power, my editor will be furious at my hogging of deliciousness, hence I beseech you, one and all, go to Slamvich. You will not be disappointed.