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Sizzlerz Cafe and Grill: All You Need to Know

Sizzlerz Cafe and Grill is my favorite steak house in the city. There are three branches in Karachi, with the Sindhi Muslim branch is nestled in the busiest part of the area amidst other fine eateries. Lucky for me I live a stone’s throw away from the establishment.

First Impressions

The exterior of the building announces “Sizzlerz” in a glowing red font; a blackboard bears the day’s specials and wide open wrought iron gates welcome you in. The interior is predominately beige and brown. The walls are ornamented with striking paintings and a bar counter adds an element of sophistication.



The Menu

If you need more than ambiance to sell a restaurant to you, good call. Sizzlerz is where you’ll want to come again and again for the exquisite food. They’re able to turn a simple burger and fries meal into something unbelievably delectable. I never thought I’d enjoy Italian food at a grill house, till I tried the pasta and pizzas at Sizzlerz. This place has also become my go-to for steak night. The menu is a hodgepodge of cuisines, but they do everything so well that I won’t complain. 

My Top Picks

For starters, I’d recommend Cheese Cigars and Jalapeno Peri Bites. Both of these are magnanimously filled with cheese.

Every steak on the menu is supremely succulent and, paired with the perfect sides, I can’t imagine a more perfect meal. My favorite is the Sizzlers Fire Steak which is served on a sizzling platter. Every time I have the Sizzlers Fire Steak it tastes as hot and piquant as the first time.

The Italian section of the menu is filled with all the Italian basics. From the utterly Creamy Jalapeno Pasta to the Saucy Penne Arrabbiata to the exotic Parmesan Chicken Pasta- there’s nothing I don’t like. The Fettuccine Alfredo, however, is my all time favorite.



Among the fruit cocktails, I can recommend their Lemonade on the Rocks, Blue Wolf, and Angel Mist. Lemonade on the rocks is as the name suggests a lemonade that is way beyond refreshing, while Blue Wolf is an electrifying mix of Blue Lagoon and red bull. Angel Mist is a fruity fusion of several tropical fruits which is why I feel it’s the best refresher in the menu.

The desserts of the eatery are also worth trying. I would recommend giving it’s Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae a go. It is genuinely a slice of heaven on a plate. The hot chocolate sauce and brownie makes the ice cream melt instantly in your mouth. There is no better combo on earth than the heavenly hot and dense brownie, delicious chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla Ice cream served at Sizzlerz.

Check it Out

I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for the perfect taste of Italy and the juiciest serving of steaks. Be it your family dinner or a cozy dinner with your special someone; this place is perfect for all.