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ss - Seven Spice Restaurant: More Cheese, Please.

Seven Spice Restaurant: More Cheese, Please.

I had often passed by Seven Spice on my way home. It always surprised me that the small eatery was constantly packed to the brim with patrons. I gave it a try and was a little underwhelmed.

A few cousins and I were searching for something to eat late at night. Bored of our usual mandi and broasts from Jamshed Road, we decided to give Seven Spice a try.

Once I managed to find a parking spot we walked into the main dining hall on the first floor. Since it was jam-packed we were redirected upstairs. The small mezzanine had a decent interior of black and brown. Each table had the capacity to seat 6 people and we quickly claimed a spot and waited.


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When a server finally noticed us we swiftly placed an order of a full platter of Singaporean rice. This was swiftly shot down as we were informed that they had just run out. Dejected, we settled for a single serving of pasta and a club sandwich.

The table behind us had ordered a pizza, which looked as good as it smelled, prompting me to reconsider my order but I figured I’d just try that another time, The pasta and the sandwich would have to do for now.

Our meal arrived in 15 minutes, a medium aluminum container bearing our creamy pasta and a white plate arrived with our sandwich and chips resting atop. Not much to say about presentation, but we were excited to dig in nonetheless.


We spooned out morsels of pasta, shoving them into our mouths, and within minutes it was all gone. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had but it was worth the try. Perfectly baked, it was heaped with generous amounts of mozzarella.

We then shared the club sandwich, however, we did not enjoy as much as the pasta. It lacked seasoning in its meat, and the overall bread to sauce ratio was totally off. Since we were quite content with the pasta, we did not complain about the lousy sandwich.

The bill arrived and it was next to nothing. I will definitely return to this place to sample their pizza and Singaporean rice, soon. Maybe I’ll even order that pasta again, I have a hard time staying mad at cheese.