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Seed Butters: Spread the Trend

There’s no denying that 2018 was the year of alternative nut butters –almond, cashew, and macadamia butter all made cameo appearances on breakfast tables across the world. It’s still smooth sailing for this trend as 2019 starts to tick away. So much so, that it has actually pivoted to expand its offerings: think seed butter. It is the white-hot, brand new trend to watch.

Pakistani consumers are increasingly mindful of the dietary choices they make. We were rather quick to adopt several healthy habits as well as fad diets last year. From keto-friendly to gluten-free, we’ve experienced the whole prism of global health food trends. I won’t be surprised if the seed butter trend also blows up in a big way soon.


Nuts for Seed Butters

Seed butters, like nut butters, are rich in unsaturated fat, antioxidants, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. And if you’ve been living under a rock, these are good if not great for you. Seed butters are also low in carbohydrates, which makes them a quick addition to vegan and paleo diets. They’re also a delicious option for people with nut allergies.

Seed butters are as versatile as nut butters and can be consumed in a variety of ways: paired with whole grain toast, as a dip for sliced fruits, mixed into oatmeal or yogurt, blended into smoothies, or straight from the jar. Spoons are optional.

While all seeds contain heart-healthy fats and fiber, each seed is unique in its nutritional profile. Flaxseeds and chia seeds are a great source of omega-3 fats while pumpkin and other seeds are rich in magnesium. Incorporating a wide variety of seed butters into your diet is what will get you the most nutrient-dense bang for your buck.


Get Yours

We’ve experienced an exponential increase in organic and whole food vendors stocking in larger general stores. There are also many specialty stores such as Naturals, Tayyib’s and Haryali Store in Lahore now, so I imagine that it’s only a matter of time before they’re stocking good quality nut and seed butters.

While more and more grocery stores internationally are carrying a variety of nut and seed butters these days, your best bet to find them shelved in Lahore is at Esajee’s. If that doesn’t work out, don’t fret. Instead, try making your own seed butter.

It isn’t all that complicated. Also, it’s probably a lot less expensive to make your own nut and seed butters than to buy off shelves. It’s definitely worth experimenting with some of the recipes available online to find one that works for you. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up inventing your very own signature super seed butter. I’d buy that.



The only potential downside I can think of is to keep portion control in mind. Seed butter is a concentrated source of calories and it’s easy to go overboard. If you’re anything like me you’ll probably end up spreading this across any ingestible surface. Do not.



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