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Savoey Hotel

Savoey Hotel: 4 Star Luxury for All

Erected on the edge of Gurumanget Road, Savoey Hotel is a 4-star hotel that stands proud and tall. The hotel promises refined ambiance and an experience comparable with any world-class hotel.



One fine summer morning, I ventured out to visit the hotel. Upon entering the hotel premises I immediately felt self-conscious. The hotel appeared far too fancy and extravagant for me, as I cannot help but be overwhelmed by luxurious hotels. While I did not want to commit a faux pas and tarnish the repute of Charcoal+Gravel, I had a task to attend to. Therefore, I went up to the information desk and bravely requested some assistance. The maître d’ was kind enough to assign a bellboy with the task of showing me around the hotel, and so I began my tour.





I soon discovered that Savoey Hotel prides itself on its detailed facilities and services, which remain committed to the prime vision of the hotel. In other words, the staff of the hotel believes in surpassing the expectations of their valued customers. The hotel is a fifteen-minute drive from Allama Iqbal International Airport, this makes it a good choice for most travelers. Within the hotel, you can find tour operators, travel agents, banks, pharmacies, and boutiques. Savoey Hotel has gym facilities for its guests and the hotel grounds include a football field.

Savoey Hotel has 77 deluxe rooms, all of which come equipped with modern facilities and amenities. Each room is supplied with electronic safe, tea/coffee maker, minibar and an electronic key card for doors. The hotel also offers Luxury Deluxe and Executive Suites, while guests are offered a choice between Queen and King sized beds.





My companion informed me that deluxe rooms came equipped with jacuzzis. I assumed that a ‘jacuzzi’ was some sort of exotic food, however, I refrained from inquiring any further. I later discovered what a jacuzzi actually is when I researched the term online.

Apart from jacuzzis, the deluxe suites offer hi-speed Wi-Fi. Additionally, Savoey Hotel offers a private rent-a-car facility, along with a complimentary airport pick-and-drop service.

Next up, I was guided towards the health club at Savoey Hotel. The health club provides numerous recreational services for the patrons, including but not limited to: a swimming pool, a barber shop, a gymnasium, a sauna, and a hot tub.

When it comes to dining options, apart from room service, Savoey Hotel houses Café Aroma. The cafe offers diverse international cuisine and has rotational weekly menus for Buffet Breakfast, Ala Carte Lunch, Buffet Hi Tea, and Ala Carte Dinner. Another option is the Valet Lounge, which offers Live BBQ, snacks, sushi, refreshing drinks, and sheesha.



Savoey Hotel promises customized and affordable packages for its guests. Despite feeling a bit overwhelmed upon my initial arrival, I can definitely see myself easing into the comfort Savoey Hotel has to offer. Jacuzzi and all.




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