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Saverz Super Store: One-stop Shop

Saverz Super Store is a reliable solution for the residents of Gulshan e Iqbal Karachi. Read the review and see the store through the writer’s words.

Saverz Super Store is located near Waqas Market in the 13th block of Gulshan e Iqbal. My proximity to the store means that I head here multiple times in a day, for something as minute as a loaf of bread to as major as my monthly groceries.

Saverz Super Store has a huge brightly lit name board which is hard to miss, with a short row of trolleys outside its entrance. I enter this place pushing open its glass door, escaping the scorching heat outside while stepping in the cool and air-conditioned atmosphere of Saverz. I pick a basket from a stack and head to the section next to the pharmacy, to pick a pack of frozen nuggets.



Saverz Super Store




I often come to the store bearing a list of things I need from the pharmacy to get everything I need under one roof. Why do I choose to walk all the way to Saverz to buy medicines? Because they always have them in stock; they are a reliable place to buy from and offer up to 12% discounts on almost all medicines. No brainer.

Saverz is equipped not only with packaged food but also with utensils, kitchen supplies, and other household items. Every time I come to Saverz, I like to wander around in this section, looking at the newest additions to kitchen supplies and exploring the racks with utensils. They also have a section for toys and games, heavily stocked with the trending toys for children of all ages.

Moving on, I find myself engrossed and lost in the shelves accommodating a selection of the most delicious brands of chocolates. Habitually, I pick one for everybody back home and move on to the opposite racks with boxes upon glorious boxes of biscuits and cookies. I select one for my little one and walk to the column holding detergents, washing powders, soaps, and related goods. I pick a bottle of hand wash and a packet of washing powder and move on to the next column holding baby food, formula, and powdered milk. I get what I need, skip the next column with more packaged food and baking-related items and climb upstairs to add a bottle of face wash to my basket.



Saverz Super Store



Upstairs, at Saverz Super Sotre, is the women’s section containing products related to beauty and a section of accessories of all sorts. I stop at the personal care section with shampoo, face-washes, body-washes and body lotions. I select one for myself and pass by the baby care products to get to the section where there are a variety of hair oils to choose from. I do not find the one I am accustomed to using and realizing that this is the first time I did not find something I wanted, at this store.

This store has it all. What it lacks? It does not have an electronics section, nor does it deal with providing fresh food items.

I check my basket to see if I have anything else I need to pick out from the store and move on to the cash counter downstairs where I check out and pay my bills. This store, by all means, is the best stop for all the residents of the areas near Saverz Super Store.