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khao suey - Road Runner Khao Suey: One in a Million

Road Runner Khao Suey: One in a Million

I was first introduced to the Burmese staple, Khao Suey by my best friends mother. Late one night, while we were having our weekly sleepover, she sent up a tray containing an abundance of bowls. There were boiled noodles, a yellow chicken, and a variety of accompaniments; boiled eggs, spring onions, fried crispy onions, fried potato strips, chili flakes, green chilies, and lemon. My friend assembled a bowl for me and introduced me to the transcendental flavors of traditional Khao Suey. I’ve been on a quest to find renditions of that meal ever since, and my search led me to the famous Road Runner Khao Suey. But the road was long and full of errors.

Sweet Affairs

My first encounter with Sweet Affairs Khao Suey was also my last. The noodles arrived topped with a stark yellow, thick curry and not much else. The color was so profound that it left a stain on the white plate. With no option to sprinkle my own toppings and an uber thick sauce, the overall experience was a letdown.

Lily’s Khow Suey

Next, I tried Lily’s Khow Suey. I had the pleasure of visiting the stall at one of the famous Lahore food festivals. The serving was piping hot, the sauce was perfectly thick and runny and you get the option of choosing whatever topping you want. Everything was fresh, bright and comforting. It was a melody in a styrofoam bowl and I have been ordering from them regularly ever since.

Slate Eatery

This didn’t stop me from trying out other places though. When I spotted Khao Suey on the menu at Slate Eatery, I had to give it a shot. When I spotted the flat plate from afar I was concerned that it wasn’t deep enough to hold the sauce, Turns out, there was no sauce. Imagine making Knorr chicken noodles at home and cooking off all of the water; that was Slates Khao Suey. It arrived with a cold boiled egg and the toppings already added- no personalization here. Disappointing would be a gross understatement.



Road Runner Khao Suey

Now comes my knight in shining armor; Road Runner. I’ve historically depended on this premier delivery service for my nightly fix of The Hot Spot Café. In Rs.250 you can get your order of absolutely anything picked up from anywhere and delivered to your doorstep. Being an avid user of the service, I got a WhatsApp one day informing me about Road Runner making and delivering their own Khao Suey. Road Runner provides a two-person serving of Khao Suey for Rs.700. Killer price point had me reaching for my phone in a second.

The Perfect Bowl

Besides the convenience of getting this comfort food delivered at home, the taste is also unmatched. The Road Runner Khao Suey arrives piping hot, each item packed in a separate container. The gravy is thick and soupy with an ample amount of chicken for every bite. The condiments include; spring onions, fried crispy potato strings, fried garlic chips, sliced egg, lemon wedges and chili flakes all wrapped in little, individual containers. The spiced coconut curry topped with elaborate garnishes gave the dish a unique texture and an unforgettable flavor.

The only catch is that you must order it an hour in advance because the service requires 40 minutes to prepare the dish, hot and fresh. The Road Runner Khao Suey is a staple at my home now, and we can’t get enough.