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Rizwan Burger

Rizwan Burger: Rare Cups of Tea

Located in Main Market, Gulberg, Rizwan Burger offers burgers, sandwiches and rare cups of tea.


When the Lahore air starts cooling down in October, there’s just one thought hammering in my head: it’s time for Kashmiri Chai. It has been an everyday staple in my household during the winters I’ve never had to go out on the streets in search for a cup of the pink concoction. Instead, I had it made in my own kitchen courtesy of mummy dearest (I’m not a brat, you’re a brat). It’s a magical potion best consumed while watching ridiculous, feel-good movies and holding late-night conversations.



In a Nutshell:
  • Good experience for eating outdoors
  • Try their Kashmiri Chai
  • Nostalgic experiences for bored millennials
Pro Tips:
  • A shoestring budget? No problem
  • Club sandwiches are served quickly
  • Family friendly



However, the occasional curiosity to try some made with another person’s touch still lingered within me. I have tried a few tea-houses but none of them have lived up to the standards set by my childhood memories. They either put too much milk or don’t achieve enough flavor in brewing the tea. I’m not really surprised because while drinking good pink chai is one of the primary thoughts all winter for me (wearing two layers of socks is another), it is merely just another winter food for others.


The abundance of Kashmiri Chai at weddings does not help my cause either. Guests clumsily fill their cups from big metal coolers and sip what they think is spectacular pink chai. I, for one, just look at the liquid with deep disappointment (a little snobbery kicks in as well) and recognize the pink as the food color, not the real pink from real tea leaves that make real pink chai.


But just when I thought I had seen it all, Rizwan Burger pleasantly surprised me. If you think you’ve had good cups of pink chai at weddings, then wait till you go there to be proven wrong. What? A burger place serving pink chai, you say? Surely, this must be another giver of fake pink chai. I would think so too. But to my delight, it was not!


A friend who happened to be with me when I went to Main Market made me turn the corner from Jalal Sons towards  Zahoor Elahi Road and stop in front of Rizwan Burger. Knowing I really like pink chai, he ordered two. Within five minutes,  paper cups filled with piping hot pink chai appeared. There was no extra gimmick of crushed star anise (badian khatai, as you may know it) and almonds. You just needed to add salt and sugar to taste and begin the process of blowing over it several times so that you did not scald your expectant tongue. It was a beverage from the heavens – just like the one at my home.




And finally, the glory of having authentic, actually-pink pink chai was mine that cold, starry night. Bless you, Rizwan!




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