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Wild life at Rana Resorts. Safari Parks - Rana Resort: The Perfect Getaway

Rana Resort: The Perfect Getaway

This weekend my wanderlust carried me all the way to Rana Resort Lahore. If you’ve ever wandered around Lahore’s periphery you may know this place. The moment I left the house, I observed a change in the weather. The approaching wind made it a perfect day for this long-awaited travel escapade!

Rana Resort Lahore is located in Head Balloki which is at a distance of 70 kilometres from Lahore. Its close proximity to Lahore makes it an accessible destination for day trips. The resort offers a comprehensive entertainment package for its visitors. Whether you’re after an adventurer or looking for an escape from the bustle of city life, this place is a must visit.

Rana Resort: A Day Time Escape

The sound of a beating drum enthralled me as I entered the resort. The enthusiastic drummer had created an environment of festivity and many visitors were swaying to the rhythm. Delighted, I moved a little farther in and observed the show. The lush green surroundings, exotic trees, the resplendent gardens, and blooming flower beds indeed made for a spectacular visual experience. The presence of tiny wooden huts offered shaded spaces to escape the heat of the sun.

Giant structures of the joy rides were grasping the sight from a distance. The sound of laughter and excited screams piercing the air, and it seemed that the resort was well-acquainted with such noises. The ticket house was crowded with parents and long queues outside the rides were teeming with the impatient children. I found people smiling without any reason and my belief in the phrase ‘happiness is contagious’ was reinforced.

To my delight, the facility of boating was also in place. Without giving it a second thought, I grabbed a ticket and embarked jovially towards the dock. The boat glided through the smooth water whilst forming small ripples. I was so engrossed in the surroundings that I barely heard the boatman call when it was time to step off.

The animal rides including tonga, camel cart, bullock cart, and the donkey cart caught my eye next. I found the donkey cart quite amusing and hopped on it for a tour. The claps of the children, the sound of the cart, and the background music of a Bollywood track, all made for an unforgettable experience.

The Food

From gol gappas to biryani, one could find an unlimited range of desi food items at the Resort. I wandered from stall to stall and ate a bit of everything. The food quality was just okay but if you’d prefer a formal dine-in facility they’ve recently constructed one. The best part about the food was the affordability and variety.


Alongside the Wildlife

The chirping sound of the birds, the white ducks moving around my legs, the big ostriches and equally stunning deer stirred up my innate need to connect with nature. It made me appreciate the efforts of the management to promote wildlife tourism in Pakistan. The Rana Resort Safari Park is a unique experience. The resort allows hunting experiences. However, to avail the opportunity one must pay a handsome amount of two lac and fifty thousand, and make a prior booking. It’s more of a luxury experience that very few opt for.


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The Great Bamboo Forest

For me, the greatest attraction in the resort was the man-made bamboo forest. The second I saw it I fell in love with it. I strolled through the maze for half an hour and I never wanted it to end, the views were breathtaking. The experience was overwhelming and serene. I’d recommend everyone to visit at least once, you won’t regret it.


Rana Resort Ticket Price 2019: Packages range from Rs 440- 1200, check their website for further details
Rana Resort Timings: Open 24/7
Rana Resort Room Rate: Packages range from Rs5000- Rs10,000/ night
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