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Oh so many fries - Ramzan: Foodin' During the Day

Ramzan: Foodin’ During the Day

This ramzan is very tricky. It’s a test of faith for rozaydaars, sure, but a test of patience as well. The heat; the long hours; the sun simply refusing to set; everything is basically working against a comfortable fast. It’s alright, we do it gladly.



If you’re not fasting, or simply don’t fast at all, you arguably have it worse.



Ramzan specific laws are in place to ensure you can’t eat in public, or at a public place. Most of your favorite restaurants are closed till iftar anyway and picnics are a no-go. But don’t worry. We did some digging and apparently, there are a lot of restaurants around town that deliver food to your home, university or office.


You can find most of them on Cheetay and Foodpanda. Or, if you’re up for it, read on for our recommendations.






Delivery hours: All day
Contact Number: 032 194 46858
Cuisine: Asian Fusion



Soy Ramzan


Soy delivers from a somewhat obscure location in Gulberg but, man oh man, that food is worth all the mystery. You won’t find this one on any road-runner lists and we can think up a couple of reasons for that. First up, their personal delivery service is punctual and the food is always (the twelve times we’ve had it) warm. Then, the freshness of their ingredients is fairly evident. Oh, and you probably won’t have any other Pan Asian options at this time of the day, so there’s not much to lose.


Check out their Facebook page for the complete menu and order away!






Delivery Hours: All day
Contact Number: 111 532 532
Cuisine: American Fast food



KFC Ramzan



This one’s a timeless favorite and it always delivers. You can’t go wrong with fried chicken, and there’s no time of the day you shouldn’t have it. Not even in Ramzan. Hot wings, chicken pieces and their foolproof Zinger burger, anything (everything) goes. Best thing? They’ll deliver food to you within the hour, tops. 






Delivery hours: All day
Contact Number: 111 112 115
Cuisine: American Fast food


Burger King Ramzan



Burger King appears as your savior since it delivers everything on its menu anywhere in the city throughout the day. Up for some onion rings? They got you covered. In fact, what are you doing reading this? Get on the phone right now and get yourself some onion rings.






Delivery hours: 11-3 (reopens around 5 PM)
Contact Number: 042 35707781
Cuisine: Italian (pizza and pasta)


Pizza Ramzan


New Yorker Pizza is committed to fulfilling your midday pizza cravings. And so, their full menu is available for delivery for most of the afternoon, before they close up shop and prepare for iftar. It delivers to most of DHA and Gulberg, and if you sound desperate enough, they may just bring their food to you. If they don’t, then try this fail-safe homemade pizza recipe.





So, there you have it: four restaurants that are open to delivering quality food to your doorstep at any time of the day (an offer you simply can’t refuse). Now you’ve got something to do while everyone else is off doing ‘the roza’.



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