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ramadafeature - Ramada Plaza Hotel: In the Lap of Luxury

Ramada Plaza Hotel: In the Lap of Luxury

Situated just outside the main airport area, Ramada Plaza Hotel is one of the classiest hotels in Karachi. With it’s close proximity to the airport, it is busy year-round. Customers are drawn to Ramada Plaza Hotel by the exquisite rooms and the world-class service provided here.  The hotel is booked for business conferences, competitions and as lodging by individuals. Ramada Plaza Hotel is an upmarket luxury hotel, with rooms starting at Rs. 16000 per night and the cost increases depending on the room you book and the scope of amenities. The rooms at the Ramada Plaza Hotel are all equally well maintained and comfortable, extremely spacious with room services at your disposal, and best of all: free WiFi.



ramada2 - Ramada Plaza Hotel: In the Lap of Luxury



Clean sheets on every bed, the Ramada Plaza Hotel is spick and span all across. The rooms are well designed and aesthetically pleasing, with warm lighting and plush furnishings. Their staff is exceptionally professional and helpful, which always makes for a pleasant experience for every visitor. You can try various cuisines at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, such as Arabic, Chinese and Italian. Everything is available for room service but that would mean missing out on their beautiful dining area. The dining area is kept shining clean and provides comfortable seating, whether you are enjoying a solo meal or dining with someone.





The Ramada Plaza Hotel has world standard conference rooms that can accommodate 20-50 people as well as marquees that can accommodate around 1000 individuals. Therefore, they cater not only to private meetings but also large conferences. This makes Ramada Plaza Hotel a great choice for businesses and cooperations. If you’re looking to relax, you need to check out the poolside at the Ramada Plaza Hotel. It will definitely help you ease into vacation mode. Additionally, the hotel takes its security very seriously, with body checks and scans for everyone entering the vicinity. The parking area is extremely spacious as well, which is something most hotels in Karachi lack.



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Ramada is an option that will keep you satisfied until the very end of your stay. With comfortable living, exquisite food and an access to leisure facilities, The Ramada Plaza Hotel can turn any boring business trip into a fine vacation. Its great staff and services make it one of the best hotels in Karachi.