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RD2 - Rajdhani Delights: Authentic Thaalis and More

Rajdhani Delights: Authentic Thaalis and More

As a kid growing up in this part of the world, I have always been fascinated with the culture, food, and lifestyle in India. The cuisine has been a primary focus of my obsession. Though allegedly not much different from that of Pakistan’s, India is famous for its diverse multi-cultural offerings. Quick research alluded to the existence of a few Indian restaurants within my city, Karachi. I put together a quick list of places to visit, Rajdhani Delights featured on number one. I decided to grab a few of my friends and head on over. Boy, am I glad that I did.



RD3 - Rajdhani Delights: Authentic Thaalis and More




What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Indian cuisine? For me, I always think of a silver thali, loaded with a variety of scrumptious offerings. I’ve always wanted to eat out of a thali (a representation of six different tastes including sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent). I mean who wouldn’t want to have an eye-popping variety and an imposing quantity, containing about 10-15 amazing mouth-watering dishes served on a single plate? Sounds like my paradise. At Rajdhani Delights they serve a new, pre-decided menu each day of the week. I appreciated that I did not have to peruse through an exhaustive menu.



RD1 - Rajdhani Delights: Authentic Thaalis and More



Before serving us the food, the waiters, who were traditionally dressed up wearing colorful and beautifully designed costumes to create the great ambiance with a touch of Rajasthan, brought us little finger bowls containing warm water which had a slice of lemon floating in it to get our hands washed. This is apparently an age-old hygiene practice, still a part of many restaurants in India.

They then brought forth freshly made, carefully arranged, colorfully splendid and steaming hot food. Yum! From their uniquely named starters, specially prepared chutneys typically set sidelines to their mouthwatering main course and dessert. The menu itself was a secret, so we were greatly surprised by everything we were served. For starters, we had their signature Papri chana chaat and Rava Dhokla which is a Gujarati snack served with green chutney. We were served four different portions containing Rice, Bread, Phulka (another name of Roti) and Puri.

Now coming to the main course, we were fortunate enough to be served the best from their entire menu that day. We had Gujrati bhindi, Aloo palak ki sabzi (a mix of potatoes and spinach), Kadhai Paneer, Moragh Mughlai, their special Dal darbari and last but not the least, their Gujrati Curry.



RD4 - Rajdhani Delights: Authentic Thaalis and More



They also had a variety of chutneys and when I say chutney, I don’t mean the typical ones we know of. Ever heard of a Khopra chutney (coconut chutney)? No, right? I hadn’t either before I had the pleasure to visit this place. It was good, to say the least. Now coming to my favorite part, the dessert/drink. We were served Chokhani kheer (rice kheer). Since I’m a sweet tooth, I obviously had to try this out and I am glad that I did. Really enjoyed it after a comforting meal.  Wish they had tea on their menu that day but unfortunately they did not. There’s always the next time. The best part about a thali is that even though initially it seemed like a lot of food being served but since there’s a minimal portion of each item, it’s actually still eatable. To my surprise, there was not much left on my thali towards the end.


I had an amazing experience. The ambiance was completely up to the mark and their service was extremely courteous and prompt so kudos to them for that. I would highly recommend it if you’re in for trying authentic Indian food, even to the ones who are skeptical about vegetarian food (like a vast majority of us). I absolutely think it was commendable how the servers came by often in case we wanted any refills. So, if you consider yourself a real foodie and want to try something different in this city, Rajdhani Delights has it all for you.