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Pizza Max: Far from Basic

The popularity of pizzas has resulted in innumerable ventures across the city, from international franchises to local chains and a handful of mom n pops. My undeniable passion for pizza pies means that I never say no to trying out the newest pizza joints in town, no matter how big or small. Sometimes the adventure ends in tears, but Pizza Max turned out to be a surprise success.

About Pizza Max

Located near the famed Talwar Chowk, adjacent to the public park in Bahria town, this small outlet holds considerable visibility. The presence of Gloria Jeans and Yummy Tummy within the same square means that this little venture has stiff competition. However, Pizza Max is defying the odds to become a buzzing hotspot.


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The Menu

The menu doesn’t offer a lot of variety but you’ll observe that it’s well-curated, with a few sandwiches and appetizers included as well. Among the appetizers, the garlic mushrooms and mozzarella sticks are my go-to each time I visit the restaurant.

Although the restaurant is at a walking distance from my house, when it comes to pizza it’s very tempting to order in. Luckily Pizza Max offers free delivery within Bahria Town, which is why a few days ago I ordered in two large pizzas; Creamy Super Max Pizza and Peri Max Pizza. My order was delivered within 30 minutes.

My Order

Creamy Super Max Pizza

As soon as I opened up the box of Creamy Super Max Pizza the pleasant smell of oregano wafted out, setting the tone of the delectable experience. The first bite affirmed my high expectations. Drenched in the savory sauce with a generous amount of chicken, mushrooms, jalapenos and creamy sauce, the crispy golden crust is what really makes their pizzas at Pizza Max shine. The seasonings for this flavor are on the mild side, despite the chicken being spicy. The only thing that could’ve made this pizza better would’ve been quicker delivery.

Peri Max Pizza

I moved onto the Peri Max, which is a spicier pizza. The toppings include green chicken tikka chunks, thinly sliced onions, mushrooms, olives, jalapenos, and green pepper. The gently blistered crust had a generous layer of melted cheese cloaked, with a thick slathering of garlic sauce. Baked to perfection; the crispy edges gave off a perfect pizza crunch. When I bit into the delectable and rich creamy combination of melted cheese and garlic sauce I was introduced to a unique flavor. Pizza Max isn’t using your conventional tangy red pizza sauce, they switch thing up. I was glad that the green tikka chicken didn’t dominate the other flavors on the pizza. This one was truly tantalizing.


Pizza Max is different from most local pizza ventures in that they don’t serve up typically desi pizzas. The sauces are unique and the crust is absolute perfection. It’s affordable enough to be a daily indulgence; for the brave and the genetically gifted. The delivery is quick and painless and the pizzas are absolutely indulgent. Try it out and you won’t be disappointed.