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lahore phool mandi

Lahore Phool Mandi: The Grand Flower Market

For centuries, Lahore has been a hustling and bustling center of trade and commerce. This history allows it to boast some of the oldest and grandest marketplaces within the subcontinent. Even today, these bazaars continue to thrive and attract businesses from all over the region. I have always been drawn to the energy and electricity of marketplaces. Lahore has no dearth of avenues to feed my desire to be surrounded by the noise specific to busy streets. Recently, while chatting with friends, I came to know of Phool Mandi Lahore (Flower Market).

I was left dumbfounded by my own ignorance: I had no clue of its existence. I made up my mind to visit it the moment I could. And while globally the flower markets of Delhi and Ghazipur are famous, the wholesale market in Lahore left me shocked. Flowers as far as the eyes could see; such breathtaking views.






Lahore Phool Mandi: A Myriad of Offerings


When I finally got the chance to visit the Lahore Phool Mandi it certainly did not disappoint. To say that it was grand would be an understatement. A few kilometers from the Saghian bypass, flower shops, and exotic floral displays dominate the view everywhere the eye turns. I came across enthralling displays of flowers and exquisitely handmade flower garlands that beckon onlookers from every nook and cranny of the bazaar.

I had timed my visit during the early hours of the morning. Shop owners were just opening up for business, and busy lining up their stalls with beguiling displays of garlands, lilies, tulips, morning glory, daisy, orchids, sunflowers and roses of many, many colors.





Flowers were brought forth and placed on shelves. Many shopkeepers created haystack-like flower displays of rose petals on the ground. In Pakistan, due to the prominent culture of offering flower petals and handmade flower garlands at the local shrines, most of the shops had an abundance of rose petals and garlands.

Many of the vendors were busy preparing enchanting bouquets, while others were busy cutting off the thorns and stems and neatly arranging the flowers. A throng of buyers would hit the market in a few hours. The energy was infectious, and I enjoyed those few hours of harmony amongst a thriving group of merchants setting up their stalls to begin a fruitful day of commerce.





An Electric Energy


What particularly caught my eye was the gorgeous variety of roses and after a very long time, I treated myself to a lovely variety of fresh roses in yellow, orange, pink and the deepest reds I have ever seen. I also picked out a few exquisite stems of purple and blue Morning Glory. The variety of roses that I usually find in Defence paled in comparison. In the city, it is rare to find a rose that will delight you with its freshness. At the Lahore Phool Mandi, you can pick out fresh and thriving flowers at less than half the price.

If you adore the hustle and bustle of marketplaces as much as I do and would like to immerse in energy that thriving commercial epicenters have to offer, the Lahore Phool Mandi is definitely one experience that you must indulge in.