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pj - Papa John's is Coming to Pakistan

Papa John’s is Coming to Pakistan

BREAKING: Papa John’s, the disputed King of Pizza in the United States, is setting up shop in Pakistan sometime in 2019, social media advertisements suggest. The website for Pakistan, too, seems to be up and running.

Papa John’s’ Instagram account has been teasing local audiences with a short video: It’s Pizza O’ Clock. Novel, yes we know. This post has been accompanied by two image posts, one of which has a slice of pizza as a pinned location on Pakistan’s map.

Closer inspection by our resident pizza detectives has resulted in a unanimous decision: the first location must be in Lahore. Well, either that or Islamabad. All we can say for now is that it ain’t in Sindh.

At the time of writing this article, the company, founded in Kentucky by the uber controversial John Schnatter, also lists Pakistan as a location on their official website. Papa John’s is the fourth largest pizza company in the United States, the largest consumer of pizza in the world.

With over 5,000 outlets worldwide, it was only a matter of time before drunk fanatics got what was coming to them. Widely regarded as a post-beer indulgence, Papa John’s offers a variety of pizza flavors with butter dips, in case that extra cheese doesn’t do the trick.

Papa John’s offers some unique features to its customers that are yet to be seen in Pakistan. For instance, building your own pizza on online orders is a gamechanger. Follow that up with a rewards program for the loyalists, and regular promos, and Pizza Hut and Mozzarella 27 will have some stiff competition very, very soon.

While there is no specific information on when and where the first outlet will be, it’s safe to say that all major cities will be getting a slice of the action.

Stay tuned for this developing story. For now, we’ll keep our fingers crossed and stick to their tagline: #BetterPizza



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