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Pakistan Maritime Museum

Pakistan Maritime Museum: Interactive Education

Located in Karsaz, near Time Medicos, is the grand Pakistan Maritime Museum. The park and museum is an attraction visited by schools, families or a group of friends and exhibits war vehicles and arms used by the Pakistani Navy in the past. The road leading to the massive museum is kept quite clean. As soon as one enters the vicinity It becomes clear that it is under the care and management of the army, who have made considerable arrangements to give the general public access to these national relics. It’s hard to miss how well-maintained the buildings are, courtesy of the department in charge.




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Entering the facility requires purchasing tickets. Another manifestation of the high standards of maintenance and security, it is a surprise that they have allowed cameras inside, unlike most museums. The ticket does not charge much and there is a discount for people who hold DHA residency cards. Through the fence outside one can see the green stretching out into the distance. Fighter planes are placed at different points and warships are parked under bridges.





Navigating the park is simplified by the clearly laid out tracks. Each monument has an informational slate next to it describing the monument. It’s like a quick history lesson. One need not be patriotic to feel enlightened by these historical insights. After a walk of about a minute inwards comes the indoor museum which contains smaller equipment such as maps, statues, tank shells, etc. It also has an aquarium.



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The Maritime Museum comprises six galleries and an auditorium and is based on a modern concept of interactive education. Attractive dioramas, relief sculptures, murals, and miniature paintings, touch screen computers, taxidermy, and ancient weapons are all displayed to help familiarize students with maritime history.

There are two defunct planes parked in the grass which one can enter bu purchasing an additional ticket. Inside, the plane is air-conditioned and with comfortable seats, there’s a documentary playing on a projector on loop for the public to see.





In the corner furthest from the gates of the museum, there are a couple of food places and stalls, with an arrangement of chairs and tables for the visitors to get refreshments or have a light snack during there exploration. Behind the food area, there is an outdoor aquarium which made quite a name for itself recently, owing to the dolphin show. It’s marvelous how such entertainment events at historically important sites can raise awareness about those sites themselves.




There is a small amusement park outside the museum that has fun-filled rides for visitors after they have finished looking at the artifacts inside the museum. There are small roller coasters and other rides for children, teenagers and adults.



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Right next to the gate of the museum is a gift shop which sells various knick-knacks and memorabilia. There is a brick lighthouse as well, people can be found standing on top and taking selfies. To anyone who hasn’t visited Pakistan Maritime Museum yet, I would say please do. If you wish to learn more about your country and its leaders, a museum is a good place to start, while as for those who are worried about getting bored by too much history, Arena is right next door! A beautiful initiative, Pakistan Maritime Museum acts as a teacher for our younger generations.




Timings: 8:00 am- 10:00 pm
Days: Monday- Sunday
Tickets: PKR 30 for adults and PKR 20 for children