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Edited 6 - Packages Mall: One-Stop Fix For You

Packages Mall: One-Stop Fix For You

Packages Mall is never empty. Every single time that I have visited, whether it be in the evening or in the afternoon, there is always a vehicle centipede that I have to tango along to get inside. It was first opened to public in early 2017, and has since become one of the busiest malls in the Lahore. It is often compared to Emporium Mall that is a just a little older then Packages Mall.



Packages Mall


Packages Mall houses more than 200 stores and a parking space that can hold up to 2000 cars and 2000 motorbikes. The parking lot also has reserved spots for women and drivers with disabilities. Packages caters to all kinds of shoppers. If you need to buy Eastern wear, there is Ideas by Gul Ahmed,  Agha Noor, Alkaram, Sana Safinaz and Beechtree ready to provide you with the best options. If you are looking for something in Western attire, Mango, Adidas, Breakout, Hopscotch and Caanchi and Lugari are some options to consider. Shoe brands, from high end to affordable, also occupy retail space. These include ECS, Almas, Hushpuppies and Borjan to name a few. There are also several home decor stores like Habitt, Kalamkaar and Samad’s Carpet. Makeup brands like Inglot have kiosks at Packages Mall, and Makeup City here looks a lot like Sephora.


Packages Mall also has a large grocery and consumers goods section called Hyperstar. You can find great deals on all sorts of household items here. The newest addition to the mall is store called Miniso that carries affordable but adorable products ranging from plush slippers and stationary to electronics and beauty products. I regularly go there to say hello to the squishy stuffed toys that I have fallen so in love with. Once I was left unattended and tried buying five of these huggable little potatoes!


Packages Mall also has the food situation covered. There are various stand-alone eateries on the various floors like The Pantry, Arcadian, Cafe Pomelo, Butler’s and Baskin Robbins. The food court offers less formal dining and less expensive options like Simply Sufi, McDonald’s, KC Grill and Bombay Chowpatty. Coffee connoisseurs can enjoy a cup at Espresso or Gloria Jeans instead.

Packages Mall

The mall also has a multiplex cinema. A play area for kids called Fun Factory makes this a family-friendly space. There are also large, well-managed restrooms on each floor as well as designated prayer areas for the shoppers’ convenience. All these amenities are a reminder that Packages Mall has been designed in accordance to international standards. The security and maintenance are impeccable. The architecture and design transport you to comparable high-end shopping complexes in Dubai and Bangkok.

Packages Mall also attracts large crowds with its seasonal events and celebrations that usually feature free activities and exquisite plant sculptures. The schedule for all events held at the mall can be found on Packages Malls’ official website.

Packages Mall

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