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Packages Mall Lahore

Loving Packages Mall, with a Kid or Two

Here’s a scenario: you live in Lahore, and the weekend is approaching. The children have been dropping hints like “bounce, Mama!” and “shopping!”; two terms that have become synonymous with Packages Mall. Sound familiar?

Packages Mall Lahore

Any attempt at leaving the house has been daunting for a while now. The terms ‘slumber’ or ‘napping’ are wasted on you. You woke up exhausted, and you’ve been this way for as long as you can remember. Good genes and a dash of that go-to concealer have you looking human. Most days.


We’ll let you in on a secret: Heading to Packages Mall is super easy. It’s not the living nightmare that maneuvering a stroller around Liberty Market would be.


Okay, we hear you. We aren’t addressing the real issues: Will you need extra supplies for the kids? Is your stash of snacks plenty? Is taking a stroller there a bad idea? Why doesn’t anyone mention those damn strollers???


Hardly anyone tells you the important stuff nowadays. Hardly.


Lucky for you, we’ve had first-hand experience visiting it with new parents (don’t ask). After some trial and error, we’ve come up with this seamless and helpful guide just for you. Yes, you needed this one. Ahan, you’re welcome!


First Things First


Before you head into Packages Mall, you need to make a decision. Repeat this question in your head:


Am I going to Packages Mall for myself or the kids?


If the answer is “myself” then you’d be wise to drive straight on over to gates 2 or 3 for entry. If for the kids – and solely for the kids – then enter through Gate 6 and you’re the coolest mom alive.


The Deal with Gate 6 at Packages Mall


Make sure to hold on tight to your little ones if they have the tendency to slip away. Don’t worry though, we know exactly where they’re headed. Our sympathies if you are the only caretaker at that moment. There’s a skating rink that is hard to miss. Behind it; mini battery-powered cars. One thing’s for sure: you’ll end up the best mom in the whole wide world.


If, alternatively, you decide on taking the elevator straight to the second floor, you’ll be greeted with the burst of colors that is Super Space. Once you enter though, an hour will be lost in seconds.


A stone’s throw away from this play area is the food court, with McDonald’s’ golden arches in sight; the holy grail for children aged 8-12. It’ll be fun seeing their scrunched up faces; their mind conflicted between Super Space and McDonald’s. But, mark our words; they’ll go for Super Space. At first.


If you have another adult with you, this would be the perfect time to leave the kids with them and go on a shopping spree.


Hey, this is a judgement-free zone.


But where to?


Shopping at Packages Mall is super-efficient. The mall is laid out like one spotless clean, spacious corridor so it’s hard to miss any of the outlets. It also makes for some good exercise. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes for this one.




Eastern Wear

Whether it’s something for your cousin’s mehndi or just one good old, sweat-defying lawn ­ka jora that you want, prepare to have your demands met.

In one air conditioned setting, you can glide from Agha Noor to Generation quicker than the little one can drop his McNuggets. One of our editors completed her Eid shopping in under an hour in this very location. Sounds like a dream, right?


Stores to consider: AlKaram Studio, Beech Tree, Satrangi, Ethnic


Western Wear

Okay, we hear you. There are enough kaam waalay kapray rotting away in that forgotten drawer of your wardrobe. But your street-style needs sprucing up. Those pre-2010 bell bottoms are a no-no and the flowy white shirt has a big CERELAC stain on it.


Don’t fret; you’re at the right place. If you’re looking to treat yourself, NEXT, Levis and Mango are where you should be at. If you want to go easy on the wallet, you’re still spoilt for choice. Splash, Mantra and Hence are a few short steps away from one another.


Stores to consider: Almas, Beech Tree, ONE



Nothing, and we repeat NOTHING is easier to shop for than shoes. You don’t need to ruffle your hair or cram into try-rooms to look for ‘that perfect pair’. Go on, try those heels, the purple-studded sneakers and six pairs of flip-flops if you want. You’ll be done within the hour. Efficient, right?


Stores to consider: VINCI, Borjan, Charles & Keith, InSignia
Packages Mall Lahore



No one knows who broke your favorite vase. But someone did and now the corner table looks sad and lonely. Don’t let it stay sad and lonely. It’s heartbreaking.

Some of the best homeware chains in Lahore have outlets in Packages Mall. Stores such as Habitt, in fact, have one of their largest displays in Packages. Head on over to Gate 3 or the area around it, and you’ll come across a number of lifestyle stores.


Stores to consider: Khaadi, Kalamkaar, Dolce Vita

But Now.. Back to the kiddies

Packages Mall Lahore

We’re going to cut this wishful thinking short: your hour is over and you’re reunited with your kids by now. But just when you think your shopaholic streak is over, numerous distractions are coming your way.


Little Big Town

Located between Sapphire and Khaadi, Little Big Town is a full fledge indoor mela. Once your children enter this elaborate playpen, they can purchase and eat food, play carnival games and win prizes. It’s hard to miss, with its balloon-like gateway and the trendiest summer jams blaring from this corner. It’s a party, and your kids are gonna want to be at it.




Not your regular desi parrots. Macaws and Cockatoos sit on a traveling stand on both floors of Packages Mall, providing a stellar photo-op for anyone willing to get those talons on their skin. Don’t worry, there is a proper handler with them, assisting you in every way. The Macaws may be loud, but boy oh boy, they’re pretty


The Movies


Want a good ol’ quality experience with your children? Cinepax has multiple cinemas and is showing Hotel Transylvania 3 at 5:30 PM. The cinema’s snacks counter offers soft drinks, a variety of popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, fries and a bunch of cinema food.

Cinepax also makes it a point to keep intermissions so that children have breaks to go to the restroom or fill up on snacks. They have separate family sections and a VIP section as well so that you’re at ease.




If you’ve managed to get out of the house, you need to make it count. You’re always short of supplies and you already need a trolley to put any shopping/baby bags in.

There’s no such thing as enough pampers. There’s no such thing as enough candy. And there is no way you have tried everything K&N’s has to offer. Translate your shopping high into a quick groceries stopover. Win-win.

In fact, Hyperstar is worth making an exclusive trip to Packages for. Fresh prawns, gourmet cheese, a variety of pickles and fruit from various corners of the world, all available under one roof. Didn’t know that already? You do now.



You’ll be surprised at how far a little planning will take you. Whether you’re looking for a fun evening out with the kids, or are determined to seize the day, here’s hoping that you head out of Packages much more fulfilled than you entered it.








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