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Outpost BYOB Lahore

Outpost BYOB: Your Burger, Your Choice

Who would’ve thought that people would flock to eat at a burger shack so obnoxiously far out? If someone would’ve pitched Build Your Own Burger’s business model to me, I would’ve cried, with tears, at their swash. Starting as a tent in the middle of nowhere, Outpost BYOB (as its known) has caught Lahoris’ imagination and only grown from there. Plastic chairs used to adorn the garden that now has a spacious gazebo, a bird bath and a trampoline. The indoor seating area is encapsulated in glass; possibly brought in vogue by the only stylish people in the country: our politicians.

[divider]C+G Breakdown[/divider]
in a nutshell:
  • Two outlets, two distinct experiences
  • The only thing Phase 8 has going for itself
  • Killer burgers, subway style
Pro Tips:
  • Stop by while a dumping a body
  • Diet friendly options
  • Family friendly

The road to Outpost BYOB is long and winding but many make that trek for an authentic burger. A few years ago, the original beef burger captured the imagination of a Zinger-munching, loaded gentry. Outpost BYOB rode on that trend to become a sensation, based actually on their meat, and not on their guise. A high-end restaurant that grows their own vegetables?! It was the perfect answer for a population just-now realizing that Maggie has MSG, and the chicken we eat is pumped full of hormones.Outpost BYOB LahoreBut now that the trend has caught on and the beef burger is ubiquitous, Outpost BYOB still continues to be considered a premium, gourmet burger place. I went there in the afternoon on a weekday, and there were still people dining there enjoying the bucolic farmhouse feels; just a convenient 40 minutes drive from their homes. Children played on the trampoline set in the garden and washed their hands in the bird bath. It was a chilly winter afternoon so the weather to eat out in the open was perfect.

BYOB was able to evolve, I believe. From a shack in the middle of nowhere, perhaps into an artisanal burger bar. Because BYOB has options. So many options. Build Your Own Burger indeed! You can have a seeded sesame bun, brioche roll or just chug the bun out and eat the burger in a lettuce wrap. You can choose your sauces from 16 different options, and your options for toppings include Beetroot Radish and Jalapeno Pineapple Relish. And if you find all of that too frustrating, and just want to munch down a burger, Outpost BYOB offers a vast a la carte selection from gourmet burgers and premium steaks to shakes and smoothies.Outpost BYOB Lahore[divider]the final equation[/divider]

But when you make that trek to Ex-Park View Phase 8 (which is definitely not the same as Phase 8 because it’s at least a 10 min drive from Phase 8), you do it for that perfect beef patty that melts in your mouth. My metric of a successful beef patty is simple: it shouldn’t crumble after every subsequent bite and should be gently firm. And the BYOB beef patty is all of that. It holds its ground (literally), is seasoned perfectly and blends smoothly with the condiments.

Even though I was initially incredulous about Outpost BYOB’s success, now that I tasted their burgers and visited their barn, it makes more sense. It is an experience that is worth the drive.

In transit. Waiting to get there.

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