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Organic Food: The Trend That is Here to Stay

We all understand the importance of chemical-free, hygienic, and salubrious food products. This might explain why there has been a recent hike in demand for organic food and the trend has caught on like wildfire. I recently found myself trying out this new-fangled trend of organic food.


It doesn’t feel right to call it an entirely new trend, considering that it’s actually a return to how the food was produced and consumed back in the good old days before GMO’s and pesticides were a thing.


This healthy organic food fad is the perfect solution to most food-related apprehensions. Organic food shields us from an array of diseases and tackles some of the gravest health concerns triggered by the consumption of contaminated food.





Calling food organic denotes that crops and produce were grown by employing natural procedures-the way our forefathers used to farm.  It carries a considerably low ratio of pesticides and isn’t exposed to irradiation. Organic food is unaffected by growth hormones and isn’t a result of any bioengineered genes.


Organic foods are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Crops and fruits that are organic are rather different in color, odor, and shape as compared to genetically modified foods. However, they may spoil more rapidly owing to the fact they lack preservatives.  Organic foods are environmentally sustainable as organic farming practices reduce toxic waste, conserve a considerable amount of water, and lessen soil erosion.




organic food




However, the intensive farmer’s labor and cost of organic feed mean that organic food is more costly that modified foods. The advantages definitely justify the price. If you’re also considering organic food in Lahore most major supermarkets offer organic varieties of most crops, another worthy option is checking out your local farmer’s markets. There are also a few specialty shops in Lahore that offer organic food such as Tayyib Store, Haryali Store, and The Organic Shop, they’re all worth your time.