11 Aug, Tuesday
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Editorial Poem feature image Urooj - One for Cityscapes

One for Cityscapes

There is a beauty to constellations
etched across the sky
reflected in the sea

And there is a charm to the folds
of scattered hills intertwining
beyond the horizon

Ever looked at spotlights
piercing brilliantly
through the night sky
and chased them down?

Or stood still on a footbridge
as the world below
rushed to meet curfew
before a nationwide strike?

When was the last time
you drove on an empty highway
at a hundred and twenty
just for the hell of it?

To walk on cobblestone
or atop diamond-white glaciers
are effortless aspirations

True, the sea is breathtaking
the mountains keep calling
True. The cityscape is incomparable





Urooj spends way too much time thinking that deputy-anything qualifies her as the sheriff in a spaghetti western. Simple things make her happy, like the thought of staring into Clint Eastwood’s endlessly dreamy eyes or wearing star-spiked cowboy boots. She has an education and, like, can’t you tell? Her youthful glow and inviting personality are nourished by the blood of typo-prone writers.

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