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Nursery Super Burger

Nursery Super Burgers- Since 1973

Karachi has its fair share of street food. And being the true Karachiites that we are, my husband and I are huge street-food fans. Bun kebab is our thing, understandably, since bun kebabs are the king of street food. And even more so if that bun kebab is from Nursery Super Burger.



Nursery Super Burger



One fine winter day, on our way back from the passport office we reached the Nursery area. As is ritualistic, whenever we are anywhere near the area we must visit Nursery Super Burger. As if drawn in by magnets, we instinctively headed towards the coveted eatery.

It was noon and so a little early for such a filling meal. But in my defense, we were drained – mentally and physically –  due to hours of excursion at the passport office. I couldn’t help it; Nursery Super Burger bun kebab unleashes an undeniable appetite within us which simply cannot be ignored.

We headed towards the mezzanine floor, which has four to five small tables and a few benches. Although they have set up tables and chairs on the footpath too – perfect for dining in the evening – the scorching sun compelled us to opt for the former.





There is a wide range of bun kebabs on the menu, apart from that, you can also order sandwiches, chicken rolls, and chicken broast. Everything on offer is incredibly delicious. My favorite, however, is the Daal Anda Bun Kabab. Hence, that is what I ordered, along with a plate of french fries and chilled cold drinks.

The delicious daal patty is dipped in a mixture of egg and fried to perfection. It is simply tantalizing, paired with their mouthwatering homemade chutney and topped off with sliced onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. Some might find their heavy-handedness with garam-masala off-putting, however, I dig it.



nsb - Nursery Super Burgers- Since 1973



What makes it our go-to place is the fact that it is very easy on the pocket. The most expensive item on the menu is their Zinger Burger (for PKR 160), my bun kebab costs a mere PKR 80.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone. Don’t knock it till you try it. It is located near the Nursery furniture market and is quite a famous spot so you can ask anyone there to guide you in case you don’t know the location already. Every Karachiite worth their mettle knows the name Nursery Super Burger, and if you haven’t been there you’re missing out.