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New Delhi Gola Kabab House: Something Different

Fall in love with the Lebanese Boti served at this place after reading this mouth-watering review. Tikka, malai boti, dhaga kebab, and gola kebab; none of these seemed to tickle my fancy while we were trying to decide where to dine, on Burns Road. We wanted to have something charcoal grilled, with extreme juiciness and next level spice. My brother parked outside a shop that I was seeing for the first time. The board outside read ‘New Delhi Gola Kabab House’. Meat on skewers sizzled and grilled on charcoals right in front of the shop. We spotted a staircase that leads upstairs, to the family dining area. chicken and meat being cooked and grilled on charcoals in front of the dining area.



The New Delhi Gola Kabab House Experience:


We climbed the stairs of New Delhi Gola Kabab House, which led us to a rather small room. A few long tables were lined up against the walls, a small washbasin and an air conditioner were additional amenities. We settled down and quickly placed our order of Lebanese boti, fried seekh and chapatis. A server promptly arrived, bearing a plate of sliced onions, pieces of lemon, julienned ginger and green chutney.  





Our eatables followed suit, sizzling hot in their plates. The generous pile of Lebanese boti caught my attention. The fried seekh, however, looked more like a plate of oil with a little amount of mince in it. We drained the excess oil from the serving platter into an empty plate and began to eat.  Breaking pieces of chapati, wrapping it around the mince and shoving it into our mouths. We barely stopped to breathe, we had consumed almost half the seekh before realizing how amazing it tasted. What it lacked in looks, it made up for with personality. We then turned our attention towards the boti, and damn what a boti.



Lebanese Boti


The sole reason for my endeavor with this review is to tell the world just how mesmerizing this platter of boti is. The Lebanese boti at New Delhi Gola Kabab House is the world’s most tender and toothsome dish, that this diner sells so proudly. It is grilled over charcoals, the flavor grips your taste buds and surprises you with its peppery heat. I relished each bite of the soft and tender delight. I asked one of the waiters about the most popular dishes sold at the diner. The eatery is famous for their gola kebabs, fried seeks and -my favorite- Lebanese botis. This place should definitely be one of Karachi’s top picks. All the deliciousness, without the slightest dent on our wallets. Dining here was worth every dime spent and more!