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naked cake

Naked Cakes: Totally Safe for Work

In recent times cakes have become a staple feature at desi weddings. The cake being served is considered almost as important as the flower arrangements. Brides want their cakes. They want them tall and fancy. More often than not these cakes a multi-tiered and garishly overdone with fondant, buttercream, and edible glitter. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised at a recent wedding, where I was introduced to naked cakes.


That cake opened up my eyes to a world of possibility. With bare edges and alternating layers of berry jam and lemon curd on a plain vanilla sponge, the cake was a revelation. A nice and light citrusy delight.



naked cakes



Naked cakes aren’t exactly a brand new trend however they’ve only recently been introduced within Lahore. With no fondant armor to hide behind the flavor either shines or falls flat. Therefore any baker worth their salt is sure to give a little extra attention to how fresh the sponge and how delicious the filling between the tiers is.


Rather than looking incomplete or half-assed, naked cakes have an imperfect yet natural elegance to them. Less buttercream and frills mean that the texture of the cake shines. The frosting is kept strictly sandwiched between layers. Garnishes go on top. Exposed edges make for a fresh af minimal look.


I’m glad to see anyone opt out of the frou-frou buttercream roses and fondant decals. Instead of intricate cakes that look too good to eat, I want something I can’t wait to eat. I hope the naked cakes trend will catch on soon enough. I love anything that goes against the grain (or in this case, the fondant).




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