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Edited 20 2 - Mozzarella 27: Topnotch Hodgepodge

Mozzarella 27: Topnotch Hodgepodge

Located on M. M. Alam Road, Mozzarella 27 is arguably the best pizza joint I have had the privilege of dining at, in Lahore. The pizza tastes good, and is cheap; a winning combo, if you hadn’t figured that bit out already.


In a nutshell:

  • Good value for money
  • Interesting decor
  • The cheesiest pizza in Lahore
Pro Tips:
  • Avoid the afternoon rush hour
  • Family-friendly
  • Don’t let the casino-theme freak you out



Mozzarella 27


Just the other day, I was out busy shopping. It was around 9 PM and I was tired to the point where I could crash upon contact with my bed. I needed fast (and I mean FAST) food in a quiet atmosphere. A friend once told me that Mozzarella 27 isn’t usually too busy (which was bad advice, by the way, it started to get crowded after a while) so that is exactly where I went. I was welcomed at the door by a gentleman who led me to my table. I was going through the menu and decided to have a single thin crust Chicken Fajita slice (PKR 485) and a can of Coca-Cola.

While waiting for my dinner, I noticed that the restaurant is designed just like a casino. Why a pizza joint with a casino themed interior? Beats me. Adjacent to where I was sitting, was what looked to be an open kitchen. There was a roulette wheel mounted to the ceiling, and there were cutouts of all suits- spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs- attached to the ceiling as well. To the left from the entrance was booth seating, and towards the middle and left were simple but comfortable chairs and tables. There was a huge, almost life-sized King and a Joker card lamp attached to a wall.

Another thing I liked was that Mozzarella 27 had garlic powder and chili flakes arranged alongside ketchup and a hot sauce at the table, which I normally don’t find at other pizza places like Manhattan Bites and Broadway Pizza. 

After a little while, I was brought my singular slice of pizza. It looked almost too good to be real. I was so used to having limp thin crust pizza slices with minimal cheese even after paying extra for it, so this came as a welcome surprise. I could tell by the look of it that the slice was loaded with hot stringy cheese.



pizza at Mozzarella 27


The first bite confirmed it all. It was straight up the best pizza I have ever tasted! The slice was topped with onions, chicken tikka bits and cheese, but it didn’t have any peppers or capsicum because I had asked for a slice without any of that.

The cheese tasted light and fresh. It offered a soft and creamy texture. It hadn’t been a hot minute since I had enjoyed pizza like this. The chicken pieces were a bit spicy but that’s exactly the way I like it. The onions teamed really well with everything. I was repeatedly asked by the gentleman serving me for the night, if I had any concerns or if the food was okay.



The entire staff was well mannered and welcoming that half my weariness faded right there and then. I was extremely happy with my food and the service. Go down to Mozzarella 27 to get pizza that is actually worth the price.


Mozarella 27, Gulberg, +(92)42 111 627 111




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