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Moola Chotok: The Hidden Jewel of Khuzdar

For a majority of us living in Pakistan, the province of Balochistan remains largely unexplored and mysterious. Whereas Hingol National Park, Kund Malir Beach, and Hannah Jheel get their fair share of media attention, there’s much to be seen. Lofty mountain terrains, caves, ravines, and several breathtaking natural landscapes dot the parched land. The Khuzdar District of Balochistan is home to a hidden oasis, hidden between mountains and desert dunes, called Moola Chotok.


About Moola Chotok

Moola Chotok lies at a distance of 530km from Karachi. The trip involves a 6-hour drive on the marginally paved Quetta Highway. Once in Khuzdar, 4×4’s carry travellers to the base of the foothill of Moola Valley. Thereafter, the waterfall is a painless 10-minute trek up a maze of canyons.

The Moola Valley harbours several smaller waterfalls and springs, but none quite as stunning as the largest waterfall: Moola Chotok. The pristine blue waterfall gleams amidst rocky cliffs and mossy boulders, with small pools interspaces by jagged elevations.

Palm trees sway in the dry wind as tufts of white sand blow through the breeze, creating a delightful visual juxtaposition with the azure of the river water. The waterfall is fed by the Moola River and during the night time, the cascading waters reflect a stunning view of the star-speckled sky.

Before You Travel

The weather conditions tend to be extreme, as is with the rest of the province. Summer highs tend to exceed 50℃ while winter lows can dip to below freezing temperatures. Therefore, when visiting Moola Chotok it’s best to plan and check for an accurate weather report.

The Chotok Waterfalls have emerged as a major tourist destination for local travellers and adventurers in recent years. Several tour organizers offer trip packages for those planning weekend getaways. And while Moola Chotok rest house was constructed by the previous government, most visitors prefer camping. Trekking and fishing are two other activities visitors can indulge in.

The native people of the valley are the perfect tour guides, familiar with the land and all the hidden passageways that lead to smaller ponds and streams. They are hospitable and helpful to anyone who asks about the area. The views at Moola Chotok are unforgettable and many vloggers have recorded breathtaking videos of their adventures in the place.

If you’re intrigued and want to plan a trip to Moola Chotok, there are several tour companies that arrange trips for groups, both big and small. Here are some Moola Chotok tour packages you might find helpful: Kund Malir Beach, RnB Tours, Divers Club,, Book It Now, and

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