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Edited 44 - Miniso: Joy on a Budget

Miniso: Joy on a Budget

For the past few days, whenever I checked my Social Media, the only thing I kept seeing was “Miniso”. Everywhere. Friends were proudly sharing their Miniso hauls, gushing about the amazing prices and delightful products. I decided to visit this place myself just to see what all the fuss was about.

If you don’t know what Miniso is, it is a Japanese lifestyle store where you can buy high-quality products without burning a hole in your pockets. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? So, I did some research and found out that in Karachi, Miniso has outlets located at Port Grand, Forum Mall, and KDA Market. With the KDA Market outlet being the closest to my house, I gathered a few friends, planned a trip and challenged them to buy as many products as they could in PKR 3000.  





I entered the store and I was quite impressed by the fresh and modern interior. From bags to sunglasses, electronics to kitchenware, skincare, and makeup, everything was presented in well-kept shelves, all ready to be raided by me and my friends.

I started a very difficult journey walking past and drooling over all the chic bags and wallets. Moving forward towards the electronic and skincare tools section, I saw some really cool mirrors, LED lamps, Bluetooth speakers, Facial brushes, VR boxes, massagers and what not. But like a good adult, I decided to show some restraint and stick to my budget.

Roaming around and admiring the displayed items, I loaded my basket with a beach hat, nail polishes, pocket mirror in a leather case, cactus gel face mask, 25 sheet mask set, and a pair of retro sunglasses, then totaled the amount. It added up to PKR 2500. I just couldn’t believe that all these high-quality products cost so little. I stopped and re-calculated, the same amount showed up repeatedly. I was blown away.  







With PKR 500 remaining, your girl rushed to the bag aisle. All of these glorious bags were calling my name, making it impossible for me to choose between them.  I finally settled on a contemporary bucket bag.

Buying 8 amazing products for just 3000 PKR? That too, from a well established, two-story outlet, equipped with the friendliest and most helpful staff possible.

Walking through the glass doors – with my heart and wallet thanking me – I felt like I have accomplished something big so this review was a must! My Miniso journey doesn’t end here. In fact, Miniso just got themselves a loyal customer. Now that I know Miniso exists, an “If lost, search at Miniso” banner is a necessity because, well, reasons.