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Mews Cafe: Summer Soirées and Dessert for Days

I was never someone heavily invested in artsy food posts, usually busier eating than conducting photo shoots. But recently I have evolved into one of those people who enjoy taking pictures of their spreads, perhaps since I’m writing about food so often. Or perhaps the set up at new restaurants makes it impossible to take bad pictures, well at least that was the case at Mews Cafe. Mews Cafe is one of the most gorgeous restaurants in Karachi. It makes anything look good, as proven by my selfies.

When Mews Cafe burst out on yo Karachi’s culinary scene it was met with a flurry of enthusiasm on social media. A brand new place eatery! Located on E Street, no less. Thanks to Instagram sneak peeks and rave reviews from food critics, Mews was cool before it had served a single customer and it has been cool ever since. It is the place to go, to see and be seen.

That is not to say that their food isn’t impactful. Red velvet pancakes, stuffed French toast, trios of fries, blackened shrimp; Mews is a veritable smorgasbord of yumminess. It was a shame that I hadn’t visited in a while, which is why I recently cajoled a few friends into a lunch date at Mews.

In the dog days of summer, with humidity at an all-time high and a dearth of meet-ups, I pushed for a mid-day mommy meet-up. By dangling fresh gossip and my credit card as leverage, I managed to finally visit Mews Cafe after a long hiatus. I wanted to make sure it still had that zing.



Walking into Mews, I couldn’t help but acknowledge that it has a uniquely adorable aesthetic. The trio of rooms, the vaulted ceilings, the icy blue painted pine wood framing the windows, and the industrial-chic lighting comes together to create a sense of comfort. The tiny interior courtyard, complete with twinkling fairy lights and a quaint stone fountain, is the perfect place to relax in the evenings with a cup of coffee.

We got comfortable and decided to order a couple of shareable items. We opted for a big serving of the square salad which is a concoction of avocado, chicken, beans, and greens, topped with feta, crispy filo sheets, and dijon dressing. Everyone wanted a mint lemonade and we went ahead and ordered dessert, Stuffed Nutella French Toast, and coffees for later as well.



The salad was refreshing, exciting, and light. Ten out of ten on presentation While my friends are distracted by the mint lemonade being served, I sneakily angle the salad so that the lion’s share of avocado is on my side. I am a wannabe-millennial and an avo-enthusiast, how could I not? Each element pairs beautifully into the perfect bite. The crisp crunch of the filo, the cubes of grilled chicken, the tang of the sun-dried tomatoes, creamy avocado, crumbly feta, and a light, spicy dressing. Ignoring the wilted greens, I was pretty happy with the salad. This isn’t one of those eat-to-be-healthy salads, this is just a down-right delicious salad.

The french-toast was art disguised as a culinary confection. A loaf of toasty goodness topped with granola and a creamy, dreamy, sugary drizzle.  A crunchy outer crust hides a soft, delicate center. Cut into this creation and a river of molten chocolate dips out. A morsel of French toast, a coating of granola, a drizzle of chocolate- the perfect bite. Paired with the perfect Mews cappuccinos, the French toast was the star of the show and the perfect reward for salad eaters.

Mews Cafe is a great place for a quiet lunch and a lively dinner. The food is impeccable and the staff is exemplary. Dedicated, discreet and attentive, that’s good service. Some people might find Mews a bit pricey when compared to other restaurants in Karachi. I am more than willing to pay for that French toast, and my gym instructor is inclined to make me pay for it manifold. The menu is well curated, the ambiance is delightful, and the food is dreamy. You’re paying for the experience, and it is well worth it.