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mcdonalds - McDonald's Anday Wala Burger: I Have Questions

McDonald’s Anday Wala Burger: I Have Questions

Yes, you read that right. McDonald’s is all set to test out a brand new menu item; the old classic anday wala burger. The news comes at the heels of a quick survey conducted on the popular Facebook forum, Foodies ‘R Us. Members of the group were asked to vote on whether or not they’d like to see an anday wala burger on McDonald’s menu and more than 70% of participants voted in favor of the addition. Admins of the food group announced that 60 people would get to be the first to try out this McAnday-wala-burger this Sunday before it is introduced to the general public. I mean, I guess if their opinion counts.


Don’t get me wrong, McDonald’s is my go-to for reliable fast-food and there’s nothing like a Quarter pounder to do me right when the days are wrong. But… how dare they try to gentrify anday-wala burgers? Lahore has plenty of amazing bun kebab and anda-tikkis, from Arif Chatkhara to Johnny and Jugnu. Then why, pray tell, would we want an American fast food chain to f*** shit up. Street food is best left to street vendors. For those who think I’m being a pessimist, do you remember the chapli kebab burger they had?

But it remains to be seen what McDonald’s has in store for us with this brand new burger. We’ll just have to wait till it hits the main menu. In the meantime, I’m going to head on over to Main Market for some home-grown-tried-and-tested anday wala burger or bun kabab. This ain’t the United States. Resist, resist, resist.


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