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Maisonette Hotel: Not Too Shabby At All

With branches in Lahore, Naran, and Multan, Maisonette is a well-known name among homegrown hotels in Pakistan. In Lahore, it has two prime locations: Liberty and Gulberg III. It is this latter branch that I decided to explore one evening.


In a Nutshell:
  • Ostentatiously grand
  • Well equipped with modern amenities 
  • Food options galore
Pro Tips:
  • Affordable luxury
  • Check out the view from the rooftop
  • Family friendly



Upon entering, the first thing I noticed was the ceiling. Painted red, orange, brown and black, it looked as though countless galaxies had been mapped onto it. An intricate combination of glass, marble, wooden tables, velvet armchairs, and sofas were scattered all across the lobby. Exquisite lampshades and indoor plants added to the sophistication of the interior. The receptionist in the lobby was dressed in subtle red and gold, his hussar jacket giving off major palace vibes.

Before getting any formal information from the lobby, I decided to explore the place on my own for a while. I walked through some corridors and admired the variety of indoor plants that decorated the place. On every corner, there were either large bouquets of flowers resting on tables or pots with large, shaggy synthetic plants placed on the ground.

I took an elevator to the fourth floor and settled down for a drink at the rooftop cafeteria. It was a posh affair as my mint margarita was fashionably late to the table. But it was chilled to the core, and some version of a brain freeze occurred with every slurp. The cafe also had a separate buffet arrangement for anyone brave enough to wolf down an all-you-can-eat. Most of the people were dressed in formal to office-wear: perhaps for a corporate dinner.





I decided to walk down to the lobby and inquire about the accommodation options that the hotel offers. I was told that there are two kinds of rooms that the clients can choose from Deluxe and Executive. Deluxe rooms are the cheapest option and provide a queen-size bed, two sofa-chairs, and a clean and tidy bathroom. It is moderately luxurious but comfortable enough to house a single person, or even two if you’re on a budget. The Executive room is the next step, with a larger bed, more space, and better services.

Maisonette Hotel also offers apartments with two to three bedrooms for those interested in permanent residency on the property. These suites open onto an entrance hall which leads into a dining room. An elegant faux ceiling is designed in these apartments, reflective of style and grace. All the rooms come equipped with an LED TV, free wifi, built-in safe and a mini bar. Residents and guests have access to free parking, round the clock room service, and several other resort level facilities. The Maisonette Lahore spa and the Maisonette restaurant attract several independent visitors looking for an adult play day.


In conclusion, I think the Maisonette Hotel is a great option if you like calm, laid-back and old-school places. The Maisonette Hotel Lahore rooftop provides amazing views of the city. However, there are several other hotels in the same vicinity that promise twice as luxurious stay and services in similar price ranges. But for those looking for children friendly options, a booking at the Maisonette Hotel is in order.


Maisonette, Gulberg, 0322 6666679



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