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LuckyOne Mall

LuckyOne Mall: The Other Side of the Bridge

Karachi has been strictly gentrified by a particular bridge; on one side, the areas of Clifton and Defence with their skyscrapers, fancy shopping malls, and overpriced restaurants., The other? Well, that’s the rest of the city. And LuckyOne Mall.


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LuckyOne Mall

You see, a builders’ enterprise decided to build the largest shopping mall in South Asia on the other side of the bridge. LuckyOne Mall houses around two hundred different shops and a car parking for around three thousand cars. There is a huge space for musical concerts, an outlet of Hyperstar and a gigantic-double-story-indoor-theme-park called Onederland.

Right in the center of the entire shopping mall is a massive atrium, decorated with upside-down hanging umbrellas in multiple colors, the flags of various countries, and a beautiful and intricate tiled mosaic on the ground.



This sort of decorative infrastructure inside a shopping mall is generally not very common. The finishing of the floor, lights and the general aura of this newly built shopping mall embodies everything that is shiny and attractive about capitalism. The circular railing on every floor makes it possible for a person to view the entire mall’s interior in one glance.

There is no brand that you can not find here; they even have their own version of Miniso (an extremely well priced multi-purpose store which has outlets in shopping malls on the “other” side of the bridge).

The food court, of course, is no less. You will find every single mainstream food outlet at LuckyOne’s food court. From KFC to Subway to Del Frio and even some extremely underrated-but-very-deserving-of-attention-restaurants like Vintage On The Go. Vintage On The Go is a cheaper, more accessible and cost-effective version of Vintage Restaurant,  famous for its exceptional food quality. It makes “posh” food more accessible to a wider consumer base, very similar to the f function this mall serves.



More than a Mall

LuckyOne Mall generally has more sales than any other shopping mall and has a lot of brands which are just as good as mainstream ones. This mall, the shops, and the food outlets it hosts serve the one primary function of increasing accessibility.

Due to gross gentrification, almost all high-end shops for food and clothes – the hub of consumerism – were based in an area where more people could afford to buy from. The opening of this mall in Gulberg Town makes it so that this entire idea of a certain type of consumers having accessibility is mitigated. People from various income brackets now do not have to wait for weekends or spend a hefty amount on transport to be able to buy what they want with ease and comfort. LuckyOne Mall is hands down the most exuberant shopping mall in Karachi.