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Lily’s Khow Suey: Whole Lotta Love

It was fun when we started out. Novel and exciting. Shameel and I were trying something new every day. But these things catch up with you, and boy does it get ugly when they do. A few months back we dove headfirst into an unabating and ultimately unforgiving stream of fast food. There were hits (XXL Burgers and Burger Lab), there were misses (The Shack). Multiple stomach bugs and several kgs later, we figured it was time to change our impetuous ways. So, we’ve been searching for more homely fixes to our midday binges. Enter Lily’s Khow Suey.



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Lily’s has a bit of a cult following, I would never have picked it for lunch if Shameel hadn’t been raving about it for ages. The minute our bowls were whipped out I regretted my pre-lunch chicken bread run. Did I mention how well-packaged their food is? Insulated and sturdy, just the way I like it. The Khow Suey was piping hot and the smell was indescribably good that you had to be there to believe it. Every forkful/spoonful of Lily’s Khow Suey had us feeling the love.


The home-based venture has only one thing on the menu. Yep, you guessed it. Khow Suey. For those of you unfamiliar with the Burmese bowl of magic that is Khow Suey, it’s primarily a delicate coconut broth served with chicken and egg noodles. Every bowl can be customized with fresh condiments and other fun stuff. Lily’s Khow Suey is served with spring onions, coriander, and lemons. They also add crispy noodles and boiled eggs, and that made all the difference for me. A bowl of this can be aptly compared to a hug from Grandma. It was that comforting.   



20181114 133900 1024x498 - Lily's Khow Suey: Whole Lotta Love




Never has an office meal been so wholesome. We ended up sharing our Khow Suey with friends in the coworking space we call home, not just because the serving size was massive but also because it made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Otherwise, we’re horrible at sharing food. Lily’s Khow Suey was unanimously crowned the best Khow Suey any of us had ever tasted. They’ll be setting up at the Coke Food Festival this weekend, and you’ll find me there. Make that your first stop and don’t forget to grab a few bowls on your way out. We could all use a bit of Lily’s brand of warmth.




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