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Lieta Gelato: Treats for your Sweets

For as long as I’ve known my best friend – we recently celebrated 9 years together- she’s always planned a Galentine’s date for us. Except for this year. She’s in Wales working towards a graduate degree and, up until a few minutes, I was brooding away at my desk. Then, a very special delivery came knocking on our office door. My Galentine: Lieta Gelato.

Lieta Gelato had been showing up on my instafeed quite regularly as of late. Not that I’m complaining. Their bright and photogenic sorbets and gelatos are a welcome addition to my otherwise dreary explore section. One could say it’s… refreshing.

The Lieta Gelato Valentine’s Day Trio of limited edition flavors was announced a few days ago and I was hoping to get my hands on these. As luck would have it, I just got to try all three (where’s my other two wishes?).



Lieta Gelato: Valentine’s Day Trio

The trio is a scoop each of Strawberry Mascarpone, Sunset Sorbet, and Bicerin Gelato, for the painless price of Rs. 1250. One look at the adorable packaging and I went running to the pantry to grab a spoon. As I reached for the Bicarin Gelato, I was sent right back to grab another spoon for Shameel. He had his big brown eyes set on the Strawberry Mascarpone.

Bicerin Gelato

I’ll be honest, the reason I wanted to try out the Bicerin Gelato was that I had no idea what the flavor was. When I dug in, it blew my mind. It was a pleasantly bitter espresso gelato with ribbons of decadent chocolate folded in. The base of this flavor was Fiori di latte, but the espresso was the real hero here. This was by far my favorite flavor. I’m hoping I can order in a tub of this before they discontinue the flavor. Hopefully, they won’t. But I’m not taking any chances.

Strawberry Mascarpone

The second flavor I tried, after successfully prying it out of Shameel’s greedy paws, was the Strawberry Mascarpone. I’d expected this to be a strawberry cheesecake flavor, and it was. Except, the one by Lieta is on a whole other level. Creamy, complex cheese with a tart strawberry twist, classic.  It was rich but not sickeningly so and the strawberries dipped in chocolate were a cute, dare I say even romantic little addition.

Sunset Sorbet

We’d saved the Sunset Sorbet for the very end, as a palate cleanser if you will. This turned out to be the best sorbet I’ve ever had. The base ingredients are orange and strawberry but I’m convinced there’s a third thing they’re hiding. I’ve experimented with quite a few top-notch recipes but I just can’t figure out how Lieta managed to strike such a perfect balance between sweet and tart. It straight up transported me to a tropical paradise for a hot second.

lg2 e1550059807321 - Lieta Gelato: Treats for your Sweets

Be Mine, Valentine

The flavors are here for a limited time so if I were you I’d order them STAT. They’ve also got a dozen other premium gelatos and sorbets for you to choose from in their regular range of flavors.

This Valentine’s, think Lieta. I know I am.

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