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When you think of art in Pakistan you’re likely to imagine intricate calligraphy and abstract galloping horses, maybe a cityscape

Fuchsia Kitchen is renowned for its Korean and Thai inspired spreads, promising an exquisite dining experience every time. A new


Lahore, the second most populated city in Pakistan, boasts a loaded arsenal of cultural history and tailor made experiences. In this section you will find food reviews featuring some of the best restaurants in Lahore and interactive content that highlights the best things to do in the city. What’s more, you’ll find information on the best hotels in Lahore, so you can experience only what you want to. Our goal is simple: unbiased and informative content for the modern individual. Welcome to Lahore!


Some Wes Anderson sh*t right here.

C+G Kitchen

Tried and tested concoctions from our kitchen to yours!


Seriously, don’t go!

There's a lot that can mar a five-star experience, be it long queues at check-in, lost keycards, or slow bellhops.

Bubble hotels first gained prominence in Iceland as the perfect vantage point for experiencing the Northern Lights. Social Media provided

On the first day of the workshop we, the young writers, had dinner together at the Pepsi Dining Centre. The