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Lahore Eat 2018

The Good and the Bad of Lahore Eat 2018

Lahore Eat 2018 is here. For real? Finally?
If you can’t tell, we didn’t know this day would come.



Disclaimer: Certain restaurants/eateries on this list are not tried and tested yet. But their names warrant a comment or two.


Before you go to the event, Charcoal + Gravel is here to help you navigate around the terrible tourist traps and poorly executed marketing plans that are a given here. We want you to enjoy this festival for what it’s cut out to be: a celebration of interesting food from interesting places.

Here is our mutually agreed upon list of YAYs and NAYs for Lahore Eat 2018.





Awesamosas promises a samosa exhibition like no other this time ‘round, according to its founder Daniyal Noorani. We don’t know about you guys, but we’re taking his word for it.
Recommended: Dam ka Qeema Samosa.



Butt Karahi


The Butts of the world have it good in Lahore. Loaded with butter, spice, and everything nice, Butt Karahi is the most renowned Karahi you can find in the capital of Punjab. It’s a feast you’re not gonna want to miss.
Recommended: Mutton Karahi, 1 Kilo.



Karachi Nimco


We’re just hoping this fab Nimco joint from Karachi doesn’t keep anything off the stall, because we’re taking seconds, and getting some packed for later.
Recommended: Aaloo Samosa, Chatpati Paapri, Plain Chicken Sandwich.



Pop Nosh


From a small stall at Packages Mall, this novelty-popcorn producing business is stepping up their game to Food Festivals. It could very well be the Awesamosas of Lahore Eat 2018.
Recommended: Peri-peri popcorn and Salted Caramel popcorn.





Karamel’s cookies have been all over social media for the last week or so. We get it. You’re coming to Lahore Eat. Great way to get it stuck in our head though! We’re uber excited to try this one, even if we haven’t tried it before.
Recommended: Triple Chocolate Cookie sounds like a dream to be honest.



Karachi Kanteen


We first sampled Karachi Kanteen at The Mix Food Festival, and were promised authentic Karachi cuisine. Unfortunately, the bun kebab was not spicy at all, though it was buttery enough. It’s okay, their biryani and kebab rolls are a saving grace. A little bit of Karachi in Lahore, and we’re not complaining!
Recommended: Sindhi Biryani.



A-One Snacks


This is one of the most obscure Karachi names that could’ve featured at Lahore Eat, but boy are we thankful for it! Even Karachiites don’t know about this burger / fries / a little bit of everything joint. But take it from an A-One-er on our team, this is a must-try.
Recommended: Batter fries with questionable ketchup, ideally served in a paper cone (demand it).



Arif Chatkhara


Obviously a no-brainer. Arif’s heavenly Tawa Chicken is a favorite no matter what the setting. Badshahi Mosque, Packages Mall, or indeed Lahore Eat, there is more barkat in this economical outlet than in cleaning your nails after you’re done eating what they have to offer.
Recommended: Tawa Chicken with Chapatti.



Sexy Sajji


‘Sexy’ and ‘Sajji’ are two words that should never be used in one sentence. Sexualizing chicken is kinda off putting to be honest. We wouldn’t be caught dead there.
Recommended: Report them for sexually inappropriate food.



Nisa Sultan


Nisa Sultan has been there for every food festival and Haryali market that we can think of. Quite frankly, the food sucks. Their food is often dry and overrated. We would avoid this stall like the plague.
Recommended: Staying the hell away.





Ooooh, we wonder what they’ll serve? A smashed up carcass of creativity on low-quality plastic plates, that’s what. For their sakes, we hope the chicken wings aren’t as innovative as their branding because, dear Lord.
Recommended: A moment of silence for their marketing strategy.





Okay, this is kind of awkward after our commentary on Wingo. This is an attempt at creativity, just not a very good one. Also, we cannot stress upon our level of frustration at not knowing WHICH CUISINE?!?!?!
Recommended: Walk up to them and ask them “Konsi Que-zeen?”



Potato Fotato


First off, horrible name. We’ve tried the fries here before, and they’re average at best. The nuggets, croquettes etc. come from a deep freezer, and we have a strong suspicion that they resell KnN products. That’s a bad look. We wouldn’t recommend it, and if we catch you there we’ll know you have bad taste.
Recommended: Joyland fries over this mess, any day.





Mocca is a coffee shop with over 4 outlets that we can think of at this point in time. We’re certain that there’s more, but even 4 would justify it being a commercial chain. Think McDonald’s. Would you really want to have McDonald’s at Lahore Eat 2018? Then don’t go for Mocca.
Recommended: Widen your horizons.



Ingredients Catering


This is Lahore Eat. There are tons of stalls surrounding yours. You gotta be creative. Stay in the game, Ingredients Catering. Step it up.
Recommended: We honestly couldn’t tell you even if we wanted to.



Amazing Thai


Being confident about your product is an admirable quality. But you should wait for others to tell you if it was amazing or not. Can you live up to the standard you’re setting? We stroke our collective chin. We wonder.
Recommended: Over-use of the word “Amazing” while placing your order.



So, this is our mindset going into Lahore Eat 2018. Wait for our no bars held post-festival review. Promise we’ll own up to our hits and misses.