24 May, Friday
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kc5 - Koyla Chai: Aesthetic over Quality

Koyla Chai: Aesthetic over Quality

Navigating to Koyla Chai was a task in itself, once we finally reached the spot we were quite excited about the experience. The venue was lit by different colored fairy lights wrapped across the trees. At around 7 pm, the place looked almost majestic. We walked into the building; there was a basement café, a sitting area in the garden, a pool table, and several other indoor table games. There’s also a swimming pool, but you need a membership to use it. We headed up the stairway, leading to the rooftop.



kc - Koyla Chai: Aesthetic over Quality

Our Koyla Chai Experience


Once we entered, there was a big screen and a projector and multiple charpayis with pillows and also tables and sofas. The furniture seemed like it belonged to a big open-air living room. There was a small area set up for cocktails and other drinks. The aesthetic raised my expectations from the place. We quickly asked for menus and ordered pizza fries, chocolate shake, and elaichi chai.

The menu needs a lot of work, it seems like a five-year-old kid drafted it.  It seemed rather patchy. For example, there is a Traditional Chocolate Shake and a Classic Chocolate Shake and the only difference is a scoop of ice cream and a few hundred rupees.





Everything is significantly more expensive with regards to their quality of food. The chocolate milkshake was outrageously sweet, the pizza fries were a horrible an insult to pizza and fries. A plate of plain fries was topped with some mix of tomato puree and shredded chicken, cheese, olives, and jalapenos. The chai, however, lived up to the name of the place. It had a nice smoky flavor to it and had a really creamy texture with the authentic flavor of elaichi.




kc4 - Koyla Chai: Aesthetic over Quality



Great Vibe, Terrible Menu


Perhaps entirely changing their menu or hiring better kitchen staff will change the impression of the food. As beautiful as the aesthetic of the place is, the food is disproportionally disappointing. I could recommend Koyla Chai for tea alongside a serene and aesthetically pleasant place to maybe work or read or just talk to someone but if you are looking for a place to eat – this is definitely not it!