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Khow Chow: Mom Approved Comfort Food

Khow Suey, a meal for the rushed, harried soul that needs comforting. Savory curry, meet succulent chicken. Glorious egg noodles, meet crisp green onions. Lime, meet “papar”. Smooth, meet spicy. Savoury, meet satisfying. Glad you got acquainted. Shall we begin?

Now I’m not exactly a food historian, so I can’t tell you all the exact details of how and where khow suey was introduced to our culture/cuisine. A cursory look over indicates that khow suey is a Burmese dish. Or is it Bohri?

Anyhow, this one-pot-wonder of noodles is served, submerged in a savory curry, the latter comprised of either curried beef or chicken, with spices and rich coconut milk. It’s traditionally served with a wide variety of condiments. Karachiites have taken khow suey and, in my opinion, elevated it with some game-changing additions. For me, this is the meal to beat.


kc - Khow Chow: Mom Approved Comfort Food


A Little Context

I’ve had incredible khow suey, super expensive khow suey, and the kind of super popular khow suey that have a waiting list of delirious fans anxiously awaiting delivery. Here’s my deal: I want khow suey readily available, with a good balance of flavors, neither too dry nor too soupy. I want awesome quality at a good price, not the kind of price that will keep me up at night, wondering if I am destined to spend all of my money on stuffing my face. Maybe my tombstone will read: she came, she saw, she ate it all. Finally, I want it ASAP. 



Drum Roll, Please.

Khow Chow is in the building. 

Khow Chow, according to their Facebook page, is an ode to the owner’s mom. Getting brownie points for the mom shout out, guys. I love it. Now, right from the start, this delicious box of khow suey is ringing all the bells and then some. Perfectly packaged (although if the box tilts you have one messy condiment section) and readily available. I mosey on over to Springs Store in Bukhari Commercial area and grab a box. Two things to point out straight off the bat: the production and expiry dates are mentioned. You know exactly how fresh the khow suey is, plus the price tag of Rs 300 is fantastic. The quantity may look a teeny bit on the small side but believe me, it’s a decent serving for a single person. If you’re sharing, you’ll probably come to blows over the last couple of bites so please buy a box per person. 



We’re Alone Now

Huddling over my delicious noodle heist, I head on home where I prepare the ultimate khow suey feast: Pepsi, said khow suey and my sci-fi/fantasy book of the day. I carefully prepare my bowl, emptying out the noodles, sprinkling the onions and spicy papar (love!) and squeeze the lime over it all. Puritans may argue for the classic boiled egg topping but I’m not waiting that long. One twist of the fork and the perfect mouthful of savory, slippery noodle heaven is ready.

Yum yum yum and another yum for good measure! The noodle-to-curry ratio is spot on, the depth of flavor in the latter is incredible, the crunchy papar and green onions are superb counterparts to the spicy tender chicken chunks in the curry and the noodles are cooked to perfection. I’m stuffed to the gills and, to paraphrase Pharrell Williams: 

Coz I’m happy 

Clap along if you feel like happiness (and khow suey) is the truth

10 out of 10, Khow Chow. Your mom’s recipe is incredible and thank you for letting us experience it! 

Believe me, you’ve found a regular customer here!