18 Oct, Friday
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Kebabistan: Kebab King of Pakistan

Kebab is a staple on the menus of most Pakistani restaurants. Although the dish is traditionally a Middle Eastern offering, Pakistanis have truly made it their own. Ditching the OG skewers, kebabs here are marinated with a number of spices and herbs and prepared by frying. These are served with chutneys, raita and chapatis or parathas. If you’re looking for something special when it comes to kebabs, Kebabistan is the place to be.

What’s the Fuss?

I had been hearing people rave about their kebab wrap for a hot minute so I decided to visit Kebabistan and see what all the fuss was about. The restaurant boasted its name loud and clear, with a lit up whiteboard.

Upon arriving there I immediately decided that I wanted a seat outside, but just to get a feel of the eatery I walked inside. I arrived at the counter, which was painted to resemble massive logs, and asked for a table for two outside. Behind the counter was an open kitchen where chefs were busy prepping food on a massive charcoal grill.

Inside Kebabistan, there were several long wooden tables with benches on either side. The seats were painted to resemble long wooden barks. They seemed to have a theme going here. The ceiling was made of wood with thick, bulb-bearing ropes hanging from it. Painting depicting rural life hung on the walls.

Once outside, I noticed that the tables were made to resemble chopped tree trunks and the seats were outfitted to look like trees too. It’s called committing to an aesthetic, I guess.

Order Up

I ordered a kebab wrap since that is what I came for. My ordered was swiftly brought out in a matter of minutes, perhaps because the restaurant was otherwise vacant. It came wrapped in a foil wrap with a handful of fried chips and chopped veggies garnished. The only touch of color on an otherwise bare rectangular plate came from the veggies. Not much of a looker but I decided to dig in nonetheless. The Chapati used to wrap the juicy kebab was softer than I had ever imagined. It complimented the juiciness of the crispy meat inside. The kebab was spicy, tender and had a taste that was unforgettable and incomparable. The sauces and cheese made it a real winner. I finally knew why everyone was going bonkers about the Kebabistan wrap.


Who knew a simple wrap could be this good. I’ll definitely be going back again and again. Not only was I impressed by the food, but the environment and presentation of the food were equally intriguing. Even though this place has regular customers for many of its other dishes, I’m in it to win it. The wrap is where it’s at.