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Karamel: That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles

Children often develop an unhealthy obsession with certain snacks. I was obsessed with cookies. Many hours would be spent tearfully proclaiming in front of my parents that life held no charm if there wasn’t a constant supply of cookies in the pantry. It’s a cruel irony that the torment I inflicted on my parents, with temper tantrums and tears, is now inflicted on me. I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles. And I might soon find myself sinking into debt, trying to sustain my sons Karamel addiction.

It’s not that I can’t relate. I spent a large part of the 80s polishing off kilos of my all-time favorite egg-drop cookies. In fact, one of the first things I did upon moving to Karachi was tracking down my childhood bakery on Tariq Road. Cookie heaven.

Apart from my nose and my sass, my son has inherited my appetite for cookies. But he’s no basic cookie b***h, unlike his mom. His favorite cookie is the veritable Black Panther in the Marvel-verse of cookies; the triple chocolate Nutella cookie from Karamel.


k4 - Karamel: That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles


About Karamel

Karamel is where it’s at for my son, and Karamel is also where all my money has been at for the last few months. These are gourmet cookies and are priced as such. I first came across Karamel in Islamabad, and it was love at first sight for my son. When we found out that they’re located in Karachi he insisted that we go there every single weekend, till our Karamel visits evolved into the daily detour that it is now.

Take a gander down to Zamzama and turn in on the Okra and Generation Lane. You’ll see a cute wooden staircase leading up to a tiny little space. The smell wafting from the bakery gives away its purpose. It smells like vanilla, chocolate heaven. Just breathing in the air might cause you to put on a pound or two.  

Interior? Heaps of adorable with a side of funky, courtesy the neon cookie sign on the wall. Tiny little workbench/banquette on one side with hashtag phrases written on the walls. The tagline “for the love of cookies” features on a wall too. All else pales when you check the cookies out.

Not Your Average Cookie

These are not your grandma’s cookies sir. Unless your grandma makes loaded cookies the size of your face. A laundry list of flavors and specials introduced every so often. My son always orders his standard Nutella-triple-chocolate-I’m-going-to-be-hyper-as-hell-for-the-next-12-hours every time, while I alternate between the red-velvet and the New York choc-chip cookies.

Now, Karamel cookies are a tad bit on the expensive side. Two cookies clock in at Rs 450 on average. Before I’d tried their cookies I thought it was completely reasonable. But I’ll be the first to say that in this case the price is totally justified. In fact, it’s justified the minute you bite into the cookie.

When you snap open the Nutella cookie, liquid gooey chocolate oozes out. That first bite of dark chocolate goodness, a little sugary, a little bitter, and then the chocolate hazelnut of the Nutella hits you. It’s a chocolate fiesta. The New York cookie has shards of premium chocolate folded into it, and calls out for a tall glass of milk. Karamel even serves ice-cream with their cookies, but I’m not that adventurous.  


These cookies are rich, decadent, and almost impossible to finish in one go- almost. My son almost always gets half of his cookie packed in a doggy bag. I wait till his nap-time to finish it up. He’s growing suspicious so I might have to forego this treachery soon.

I would recommend Karamel cookies for both mamas and bachas. You may be dealing with sugar high kids but you have a fat cookie to take the edge off. Call it a nightcap.