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Karachi Broast: The Name, The Legend

Whenever we get together, my friend Anum always suggests that we order from Karachi Broast. But game-night is always pizza-night so her suggestions fell on deaf ears, until one particular day. Anum had managed to win the final round of “Taboo” and to celebrate she insisted that we head on over to Karachi Broast.

Giving in, Going out

We pulled into the empty parking lot just as the sun was bidding farewell to the horizon. The restaurant was located opposite Bilawal House, and as such, was surrounded by guards. A two-story diner with a porch on either side, it was rather spacious. On another day I would’ve loved to sit outside but the dry Karachi heat directed us inwards.


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First Impressions

As we slid through the glass door, we were met with the mouthwatering aroma of fried chicken. I imagined the smell to be indicative of the experience that lay ahead, and I was immediately excited. Karachi Broast was furnished and fixtured with wood and glass, with bare brick walls. It was a light and breezy vibe inside. Every table at Karachi Broast featured a bottle of hand sanitizer, a tissue-box, a menu and an assortment of sauces. We landed on a table for five nestled in a corner against the brick wall.



Order Up

Perusing the menu, we realized that this was a very affordable establishment that offered more than just broast. Between the five of us, a serving of malai tikka, a large platter of chowmein and two broasts would suffice. A smiling waiter, who seemed to be in his early teens, took down our order and brought it out in 20 minutes.

Malai Tikka

We dove right into the malai tikka the second it arrived. It was marinated in white pepper, green chilies and a generous dollop of cream. Grilled to juicy perfection and served with onion, lemon, and a house-made spicy green sauce, the malai tikka was perhaps the best I’ve had in a very long time.


The generous serving of chowmein was abundantly flavorful, the vegetables had retained a perfect crunch which just did it for me. The chicken in it was juicy and delicious. Anum claimed it to be the best chowmein in town, and while I wouldn’t go as far as to agree, it was definitely something I’d go back for.

The Broast at Karachi Broast

Coming to the main attraction; the chicken broast was fried to golden crispy perfection. The broast was served with hand-cut fries and buns, along with bowls of garlic-mayo and chili dip. The spice level for the broast was teetering on the fiery side but paired well with the dips and the bread served alongside the broast. I devoured the fried chicken, peeling off the crispy skin to get to the soft white meat underneath.


Sometimes it pays to listen to your friends. Anum was vindicated by introducing us to what proved to be our new favorite destination for group lunches; Karachi Broast.