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just egg pakistan

JUST Egg: The Chicken OR the Egg

JUST Egg, a product of JUST, Inc., a San Francisco based alternative foods startup is looking to replace your breakfast. Started in 2011, JUST Eggs is a 100% ‘Plant-based scramble’ that attended the Future of Everything Festival in May, and had a live scrambled eggs station on the premises. They’ve been in the news since then.


So what’s the catch?

It’s only natural to compare JUST Eggs to actual eggs. Why wouldn’t you just eat regular eggs? Although there’s no vitamins and higher sodium in these, here’s why you’d want to consider switching:

There’s zero cholesterol. Cholesterol has been heavily linked with heart disease, and many people choose to avoid eggs to control cholesterol intake.

There’s marginally higher iron content. Iron is responsible for keeping your immune system in top shape and increasing hemoglobin.

There’s more or less the same protein and fat content. Protein is essential for muscle repair and serves as an essential building block for bones, skin, and blood.

just egg pakistan

Let’s sum it up.

JUST Eggs is suitable for vegans who already get their vitamin intake elsewhere; it’s great for people watching their cholesterol; it’s also the perfect fix for people looking to consume eggs as their primary protein intake. So binge away!


What does this mean for Pakistan?

Though JUST Eggs is available solely in the US for now, alternative meat movements like these can far more significant implications for the rest of the world. With the alternative food industry booming, research in the US means future rollouts in other countries. Consider your legwork done.

just egg pakistan


See, the fact is that the average Pakistani consumes far fewer eggs (approx. 67) than the average Indian (approx. 92). And if that didn’t grind your gears, you’ll also be pissed to know that the national production of eggs cannot cater to a significant increase in demand. The current production runs at roughly 18 billion table eggs per annum, enough to cover 100 or so eggs per year, per person. So while awareness campaigns about the nutrition in eggs would likely increase demand and consumption, the poultry farming industry in Pakistan would have no way to ramp up production that fast. Seems like it’ll just be a matter of time before you’ll be able to stock your kitchen with JUST eggs instead of Pakistani eggs.


This sounds like a job for JUST Egg!

These eggs can easily be substituted into any recipes requiring eggs and will taste just as delicious, as long as your dish is made with love of course. JUST Inc. isn’t just in the egg business for your breakfast scramble, it also has a few other tricks in the coop. For starters, there’s an assortment of flavored (JUST Mayo), eggless mayonnaise, including truffle and garlic variants. There are also five different salad dressings (JUST Dressing), and three edible cookie doughs (JUST Cookie Dough) up for grabs.

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