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Joyland Lahore: Affordable Entertainment

Joyland Lahore is every Lahori university kid’s guilty pleasure. There’s no use denying it. And come on, it makes sense! It is a fun packed amusement park that doesn’t weigh too heavily on your pocket. You can enjoy delicious, creamy machine-whipped ice cream, shaky carnival rides, glorious, ketchup-laden french fries or even some spicy Student Biryani, all in one go. Joyland can be considered one of the most famous Lahore points of interest.


In a nutshell:
  • High on the Lahore places to visit list
  • Nostalgic experience for people of all ages
  • New and improved rides
Pro Tips:
  • Make sure you’re buckled in 
  • Skip a meal before you head on over
  • Family friendly



I’ve easily visited this place a million times now, and am nowhere near to getting tired of it. Now, I haven’t always been a Lahori lassie. There was a time that this city was alien to me. But when it comes to places to visit in Lahore, one thing I had always heard about as a child was Joyland Lahore. A fun-filled wonderland with dodging cars and free-fall rides. You know, the works.


Since then I have visited it many times, and more or less fallen in love with the place. Adjacent to Fortress Stadium, Joyland Lahore was established in 1977 and is one of the largest amusement parks in the city that spreads as wide as 6 acres.


Recently, I got an unexpected day off so I grabbed my opportunity. I thought it would be a good idea to pick my sister up from work and head over to Joyland. There weren’t too many people when we arrived, as it was a weekday. One great thing about Joyland Lahore is that it is as safe as can be. The security is always vigilant and on this particular day, it gave the two of us a sense of comfort. Another thing that I loved is that one can have a really good time without having to worry about spending too much.





Three of the most famous rides in the place are Discovery, Drop Tower, Top Spin and Free Fall. I remember wanting to ride that spinning, upside down turning terror of a ride called Discovery ever since it was first installed. I was about 15 then and fairly petite, so my fear of slipping out of the safety belts is understandable. My sister reminded me that I don’t need to worry about that now (i.e. that I’m fat). At the moment, I found that oddly comforting and decided to give it a shot.


After waiting in the queue for a good 20 minutes, it was finally our turn. Buckled up and fearing for my life, I saw the ground moving underneath my feet. My stomach curled up while the ride slowly shifted from one side to another. As is the case with every dubious decision, I realized this was a terrible idea. I screamed frantically while the world spun madly out of proportion until my windpipe gave out. The gigantic ride turns upside down and stops for about 10 seconds – mid-air – before it sways back down. Hanging there, about 50 feet above the ground spinning upside down, was possibly one of the scariest moments of my life.


Understandably, I was grateful when it was over. Next, we headed over to one of the latest additions to Joyland Park: Drop Tower. It was similar to Discovery, in that it was really really high. But instead of putting on a Stranger Things show, it would take you some fifty (fifty thousand) feet in the air and then drop down with all of gravity’s might.


After just two rides, my stomach decided it was enough adventure for one day but how could I leave without riding Top Spin. It was the only scary ride that didn’t scare me. I have always enjoyed it but this time around it didn’t feel as smooth as it used to be. A red flag may be? Joyland Lahore rides don’t really have international standards.



Three rides and that was it. My old bones had enough excitement for one day. It was time to leave. The thrill I felt stepping into this park, though, was similar to the first time that I went there. Joyland Lahore will forever be my favorite wave of nostalgia.


Joyland Lahore Location: Fortress Stadium، Saddar Town, Lahore, Punjab
Joyland Lahore Contact Number: (92)42 111 569 111
Joyland Lahore Timings: 4 PM- 12 AM
Joyland Lahore Ticket Price 2019: PKR 60
Joyland Lahore Band Price 2019: PKR 450 for unlimited rides
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