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J&J sealed

Johnny & Jugnu: Who’s Showing Who?

Update: The admin of Foodies ‘R Us have responded on behalf of Johnny and Jugnu to clarify that the eatery has not been sealed. An investigation was apparently conducted and absolved Johnny & Jugnu of any wrongdoing. Sources claim that the social media campaign is the result of someones personal animosity towards the owner of Johnny & Jugnu. So far there is no proof linking the burger joint to this incident. And that is why social media is such a terrible place.



Hold on to your jaws little boys and girls or they’ll be on the floor in a hot second. It seems that Johnny & Jugnu has been sealed and there is a warrant out for the apprehension of the owners, as of yesterday. An FIR that is circulating online alleges that a customer found a deep-fried lizard in the food that they had ordered from Johnny & Jugnu. The customer contacted 15 and was taken to a local hospital to receive immediate medical attention. A picture of the infamous “deep-fried-lizard” is also making the rounds on social media. I’ve attached the picture here. Please forgive me but there’s no way I am suffering through this alone.




jj2 - Johnny & Jugnu: Who's Showing Who?




Let me just clarify that we have been unable to ascertain these claims since we the Punjab Food Authority was unavailable for comments. In the meantime, when we called to check if Johnny & Jugnu has been sealed, we were told that is open for customers till 12 pm. So there is clearly an extent to how much one can trust online forums for information. According to sources at Johnny & Jugnu, they have been cooperating with police and there is no evidence linking them to the lizard. At this point, everything is conjecture.





Frankly, I have loved J&J just as much as the next broke university student looking for a nice warm meal. However, who has had Johnny & Jugnu can agree that they don’t seem to have the best reputation when it comes to hygienic food. In fact, it is one of those things that you risk the well-being of your digestive tract to consume. There’s no chance that you won’t end up with some sort of a stomach bug. However, finding a lizard in your burger is not something one expects. At all. Ever. We’ll keep you posted as the story evolves. In the meantime, stick to KFC.