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Jan’s Broast: Fast Food Fancy Free

There is hardly anyone who has grown up in Karachi and not heard of Jan’s Broast. It is one of the most famous local fast food chains with a menu comprising burgers, sandwiches, bbq, and broast- all at a reasonable price. I visit their Boat Basin outlet pretty regularly with my family and have a spectacular time every time.

The ambiance and presentation are both simple yet impactful. Everything is kept in tip-top shape with the highest attention to cleanliness and order. There is an air-conditioned family hall upstairs, a ground floor seating area for men, and an outdoor seating area for those trying to enjoy the weather as they eat.



As soon as you enter the indoor area, you are met with the pleasant and tantalizing smell of fried chicken. But not to worry, Jan’s Broast is known for its quick service so you won’t be waiting longer than five minutes.

To cater to lazy customers like ourselves, waiters are more than willing to bring your order to the table. However, Jan’s Broast follows the traditional self-service method used at fast food chains. This gives Jan’s Broast a western diner feel.

Yellow, red and white give the place a very cheerful vibe, with the same color scheme being used for both furniture and walls. It makes the place lively enough to attract children and teenagers. Jan’s Broast has an open kitchen and visitors can observe the chefs at work across the counter and the restaurant gives off serious diner vibes.


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The menu is diverse, with a lot for guests to choose from. Although a fried chicken restaurant, Jan’s has a wide variety of BBQ items to choose from as well. There are tikka, mutton boti, and Behari kebab. They taste exquisite and are priced moderately. Other than that there are a few simple chickens and beef burgers, as well as sandwiches to choose from. When it comes to their namesake Jan’s Broast, I find the chicken a bit dry and tough on its own, but combined with bun and chutney it becomes an absolute delight.

With numerous deals on offer, overpricing is never a concern at Jan’s Broast and two people can eat their fill for PKR 500. If anything, patrons might have a problem with overeating because once you take the first bite it is hard to stop your hands. Hygiene is the highest priority for this chain and both the food and the interiors reflect this. The waiters on duty take care of leftover food immediately and clear up any mess that might be created.



The location is quite accessible, especially with the recent flyover and underpass construction on the main road, and one can also hop over to neighboring ice cream and juice bars afterward. Jan’s Broast manages to provide quality service within a reasonable budget wihtout compromising on taste.

It’s no surprise that the place has maintained its reputation over the years, with people from all demographics frequenting it. The Boat Basin branch never looks out of business. Anyone who hasn’t visited Jan’s Broast is seriously missing out.


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