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Jammin Java Café

Jammin Java Café: A Small Saving Grace

I’ve observed a certain pattern of behavior in my life; every time I miss my mother I resort to retail therapy and solo meals to wade off the nostalgia. That’s how I recently ended up at Jammin Java Café; a café positioned right in front of a small park close to Bakers Ville in Sector C, Bahria Town.

I arrived at the café as the Sun was setting and the sky was turning a darker shade of blue. The awkward timing called for neither lunch or dinner and the café was all but vacant. I picked a seat and was swiftly handed the menus; the Café Menu and the Fine Dining Menu were separate. The former presented an impressive selection of snacks and beverages while the latter offered Italian, Chinese, Moroccan, and Iranian options. The menu at Jammin Java Café is curated to strike the perfect balance classic and unique.

The extensive choices made me flit from one menu to other innumerable times before deciding on my picks: the Lasagne Al Forno, a fresh lime 7Up, and a “Brownie Point” to conclude the meal.


IMG 5900 - Jammin Java Café: A Small Saving Grace


Dark and Dreary

Jammin Java Café occupies a small space that is divided up into two levels. I found the ambiance vapid and the interior wearisome. The sitting space was dotted with large worn out sofa sets and glass tables. Geometrical tiles and patches of wallpapers wrapped up the walls. The dominated hues of muted grey and brown added dreariness in the settings. The only exception to this was the wooden counter settled in the front. Through its glass showcase, the glimpse of cakes and patisserie treats appeared to be the North-Star in a dark sky.

IMG 5903 e1556622263142 - Jammin Java Café: A Small Saving Grace

Lasagne Al Forno

My Lasagne Al Forno arrived twenty minutes later, piping hot might I add. The golden brown crust, the bubbling cheese, and the alluring aroma promised an exciting experience and the flavor didn’t disappoint. It was in fact much better than I had anticipated. A bed of velvety cheese enveloped chickens and mushrooms. Slathered in generous marinara and white sauce made it a piece of consummate beauty. Sips of 7Up between each bite helped lighten the load.


IMG 5906 e1556621994178 - Jammin Java Café: A Small Saving Grace


Brownie Point Indeed

I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and once satiated, I moved onto the brownie. The medium sized chocolate brown square topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup took all of the points, and then some. It was moist with a perfect balance of sweet and bitter.

Great Food, Shoddy Service

While the food was great, my experience at Jammin Java Café was underwhelming. The service wasn’t up to the mark. Despite being the only customer at the place, I received very informal treatment. I was served twice in the plates with broken edges and spoons with stains; that’s a big no-no.

Restaurants strive hard to maintain their position in the city’s food scene and good food can never be the sole redemption of a restaurant. Jammin Java Café strongly needs to elevate its game to catch up with competitors.