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Jalal Sons

Jalal Sons: More than a Bakery

If you live in Lahore, you’ve probably heard about Jalal Sons. For those who don’t know what it is, Jalal Sons is a bakery as well as a departmental store that provides exceptional services and products. It has its branches spread out across the city. I visited the Johar Town branch, one fine day. 


In a Nutshell:
  • Local chain of departmental stores
  • Restaurant quality food for takeaway
  • Dessert game: strong
Pro Tips:
  • Tuna-corn sandwich for the win
  • Try the smoked chicken pizza too
  • Perfect for binge-days


Jalal Sons


Jalal Sons is inevitably the kind of place where I end up spending more time than I initially factored in. It offers a wide variety of bakery items, buns, different kinds of breads, cookies and croissants to name a few. Jalal Sons also offers fresh ice creams, as well as pizza, fries and sandwiches. Some other relished items include cakes, brownies and pastries. All of these are said to be freshly prepared every single day. The most famous food on offer are the pizza, sandwiches and the grilled/fried chicken.

It is a neatly curated departmental store. Walking through those isles, the list of things that I need (that is what I tell myself) keeps getting longer after each step. It has everything, from crockery and candy to cereals and bathing items. Supermarkets, eh?


Jalal Sons


I love Jalal Sons’ Tuna Sandwich that retails for PKR 348. It has tuna, black olives, sweet corn, mushrooms and a lot of lettuce. You can choose to leave any one of the ingredients out like the sauces but I enjoy mine the authentic way. The sandwich reminds me of the subs at Subway. Both of them share a somewhat similar taste and smell. The lettuce pairs really well with the tuna. It adds a hint of freshness that does not let the mustard and the sauces overpower the sandwich. Tuna appears to be canned, something I don’t consider a sin at all.

Another one of my favorites is the smoked chicken pizza. The cheese used in all offerings of pizza flavors is almost always extremely stringy and delicious. The cheese also works really well with the smoked chicken. It softens the spice from the chicken providing the perfect balance of hot and mild to the meal.


Jalal Sons



Lahore is flooded with departmental stores but only a few stand out, one of which is Jalal Sons. It started off as a bakery and now has expanded maintaining a goodwill among it’s customers. It is convenient, sanitary and covers almost all household needs and wants. Definitely worth the hype.


Contact number: 042 111 525 625



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