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Indus Foods: Quick and Painless Office Lunches

Located in the heart of Khadda Market, Karachi, Indus Foods provides delicious desi fast food at unbelievably low prices.

Although generally known for its Biryani, Indus Foods is a perfect spot for anyone looking for desi specialties like Haleem, Karahi, Nihari, Pulao, and so on. The menu is extensive and offers a wide variety of Pakistani curries as well as BBQ options.


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While I frequent Indus Foods, my most recent visit reinforced my affinity for their food. We had a lovely meal that satiated our appetites without the slightest dent on our pockets. Indus Foods is a hygienic and convenient lunch spot.

Most visitors to Indus Foods choose to dine in their cars, and the restaurant has ample parking space to cater to them all. At the entrance, on a large marble counter, massive pots filled with Biryani and Pulao announce something grand. Diners are always greeted by multiple waiters in orange, standing in a straight line.



The ground floor is open and airy, with several plastic tables – each can seat 4-5 people. There is a family dining hall on the first floor, with wider tables and air-conditioning. The family hall operates as a standard restaurant, whereas the vibe downstairs is a tad more relaxed. The restaurant can accommodate upwards of 100 people at a time.

The restaurant has a white and orange color theme. It’s easy on the eyes: the floors are clean and the walls are mostly bare. The service is exceptionally quick, and the food is usually served within 5-8 minutes of ordering. The waiters here are more courteous than those at some of the best restaurants in the city.  Indus Foods is the perfect destination for office workers looking for a quick and easy lunch.


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The biryani at Indus Foods is famous. It has the perfect balance of spice and aromatics, a hearty amount of meat and potatoes, and soft, fluffy rice. I also recommend their haleem. It is served with the usual condiments: lemons, coriander, browned onions and ginger. The quantity is the cherry on top. I haven’t tried their Nihari but people swear by it.

For those with a sweet tooth, Indus Foods does a great zarda. Laden with mithai and raisins, this might be a bit of an acquired taste. They also offer a limited-yet-delicious variety of soft-serve ice-creams.

Looking for a quick bite at a low price and with impeccable service? Indus Foods is the name of the game. You’ll be tempted to tip generously.