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IMAX2 - IMAX Township: To Each Their Own

IMAX Township: To Each Their Own

Some movies are meant to be experienced. We head to cinemas, expectations sky high, a wallet full of crisp bills, ready to make it rain entertainment. And for that movie you absolutely need to watch the moment it’s released, you’d ideally want the best Cinema in town; IMAX Township promises a top-of-the-line 3D viewing experience.


For your benefit (and also because I can be a bit of a nerd) I ‘wiki-ed’ the term IMAX, which is “a 70mm motion picture film format which displays images of far greater size and resolution than conventional film systems.” Now I’ll admit that I find myself partial to this multiplex. IMAX Township is perhaps the best cinema I have come across in Pakistan. The screen is positively ginormous and the surround sound does your favorite stars pummeling that cute villain all the more special.



in a nutshell:
  • The only IMAX in town
  • Experience 3D immersion
  • Seats 500 people; you’ll find your privacy

Pro Tips:
  • Arrive early for luxe snacks
  • Pack a change of underpants, shit’s loud
  • Family friendly



Samsung IMAX Township




Located near Emporium Mall, a gargantuan facade awkwardly sticks out like a whale in a shoal. The open space of the compound stands in stark contrast with the urban sprawl around it. Once past the entrance, a marbled hallway illuminated by neon lights awaits. There are three screens within the multiplex, of which only one boasts an IMAX screen, and accommodates five hundred people. The Dolby Digital surround was unparalleled when I watched Interstellar at IMAX, and the soundtrack was simply transcendent.



Samsung IMAX Township



The snack counter is predictably pricey, albeit surprisingly well-stocked. They serve your regular buttered popcorn, sweet popcorn, colas, nachos and hot dogs as well as a collection of desi snacks like chaats and samosas. The jury’s still out on this one.



Samsung IMAX Township Lobby




IMAX Township is rather expensive when it comes to its 3D ticket prices and the charges for the snacks on offer. However, it boasts unmatched surround sound and a screen size that makes every frame look magical.


In transit. Waiting to get there.

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